Sometimes more web traffic is not wanted

To most webmasters this will sound like heresy!

To Seo Or Not

However a case can be  in some instances for not optimising sites extensively for search engines.

Lets’ take a particular instance where increased traffic to a website may not be desirable: Granted, this is a very specific case where the site owner would receive no benefit from web visits outside the immediate capture area.

This particular example is based on the requirements from a customer of my company Graphicline

Example Case for less web traffic

The client owns a small business.

  • The SME (Small Business Enterprise) is based in South Africa.
  • The SME provides a service to a limited region, the immediate neighbourhood in which it is based.
  • The SME provides a personalised service to families in the area.
  • This enterprise desires a website primarily as place to interact with it’s existing clients, and to portray what it does on the odd occasion when a new client is sought.
  • Advertising is primarily by word of mouth, and circle of friends.
  • As far is this enterprise is concerned, it will derive zero benefit from appearing with a high-ranking in international search engine listings.
  • A few listings on local advertising sites will be sufficient.

What will increased search engine ratings do for this enterprise?

The answer of course is nothing.

In a uniquely South African context, any increase in traffic beyond the intended target audience could increase costs unnecessarily. Apart from additional webmaster fees, high data usage charges for this business would be a waste of money.)
Based on a common entry-level monthly data traffic package of 500MB/month, any increase in traffic above that levle would incur pro-rata excess costs, with no benefit to the owner.

Web builders be a vain bunch. We all want our websites to excel in the ratings stakes, and of course that is very much part of our job.

However, let us not forget our clients desires. Get a thorough understanding of what our customers’ goals are when we build their sites, before we use our expensively billed time on unnecessary tasks.

This is not to say we should be tardy or lazy when we build sites. We should always be striving to achieve a top-level of site performance. Our sites should always be free of orphaned files, broken links, poor code and other bad practices.

However, sometimes we need to consider the possibility we can charge less for our services, if we don’t need to add in the extra hours to submit site maps search engines, undertake link building programs, set up social sharing, and all the other tools at out disposal.

Case Summary for Minimal Web Traffic

In the case of the example presented, a site SEO’d and SEM’d to its maximum potential would result in unwanted cost to the client for the webmasters time.  As web builders and especially web managers, we need to keep our customers requirements in the forefront of our mind at all times.

This is where a holistic web management company comes in. At Graphicline we consider the overall  needs of each customer individually. Our clients are humans, not web sites, web sites are the tools we build and manage for our human clients.

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