Google Results – Getting On Page 1

Today I noticed an online ad: “SEO – Need someone to get my website on the top of first Google Search Page results”.

 The second thing I noticed was the advertiser’s budget for the job: £50 to £100 (UK).

 Now I had some questions:

Was the budget just for the webmasters time?
No, it was the full budget…

No more questions need answering! It cannot be done!

 Yes, I am certain there are numerous unscrupulous web designers/’SEO specialists’ who will gladly take the client’s money, and promise things they are highly unlikely to be able to deliver.

 Unless the Search Terms required are so unique there are virtually no other possible results for the query, there is only one way to GUARANTEE this result – PAY GOOGLE FOR PAGE RANKING… That is it, no exceptions.

 Yes, your site still needs to be Search Engine Friendly, and your designer needs to jump

SEO Process Graphic Description

SEO Process Graphic Description

through the required hoops and put the things in place to encourage engine bots and crawlers to treat your site in a hospitable manner. All these things are expected from a web designer…. Yes, there are other ways to get your site moved up the rankings; back links from BUSY sites in prominent and highly visible places on the pages are one of the those ways… But if visitors to those sites don’t click your link, they are not worth much…

Another thing to remember; the more internet users that click on your link from Google Search, the more your page gets remembered by Google (or whichever engine is used).


 Ask yourself this…. Google is a commercial organisation; why on earth would any unpaid for links get top rankings? If Google (and others) did that, they would be out of business in a very short time. Or their pages (especially their search result pages) would be flooded with other paid for adverts – you know the type I mean – the ones that jump around, flash at an irritating speed, offer ‘you have just won’ and if you click one, your get 20 consecutive pop up pages – there’s tens of thousands of such sites around..

It’s these fly by night operators that promise the earth, while not being capable of delivering, that give this industry (and every other service industry) a bad name… The Asian sub-continent is full of such ‘sharks’ as is my own country.

When a customer asks if I can get his site to the top of the rankings, or even on the first or even second results page, my only questions can be WHAT IS YOUR ADVERTISING SEO LogoBUDGET? Can you afford to pay for the necessary advertising to enable this, and to keep your page there in the medium to long-term?

My company (Graphicline) will never promise to undertake something unless we are certain we can deliver. My customers pay for what they get, and they get what they pay for:

So remember the golden rule of commerce “Caveat Emptor” – buyer beware. Make sure the web manager/designer/webmaster you are going to contract to for your site is giving you the true picture… Watch out for the fast spoken, quick to say “yes we can” pundits. Ignore their sales personality. (I instinctively rate anyone with a ‘sales personality’ as a charlatan and an irritation)

Mike Otgaar


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