Web Tech Notes


computer chips imageGraphicline people understand not everyone is a techno head or geek, so we are bringing you these Tech Notes to inform and explain some of the terms and concepts you may come across when preparing to get your own website for the first time. Or maybe you already own a site, but get flabbergasted by what your wedmaster or ISP contact people tell you.

We believe our customers should feel as comfortable as possible with our industry,  which will give them the confidence in our range of service and products. Before and after sales service is what our company is based on.

More on the project

Understandably, the project will take some time; in fact it will be an ongoing task, and we do not expect to ever reach the point where we can say “It’s finished”. There is just too much existing knowledge to impart, and new things are happening every day in the dynamic on-line industry.

We invite comment and clarification requests from our existing and prospective clients, indeed anyone is welcome to add their input. Some may be included in our pages.

While we work to set up the basics of this new site, pleas allow us some leeway.  As we develop the site, there may be changes to where information may be found. However we will always provide a way of finding what you are looking for. If you cannot find something that you read before, try doing a Search It! from the box at the top right hand of the information content.

Thank you for visiting these pages, and if you find the information useful, share the content with your friends on Facebook, Tweet, or post  to any of the available networking services.

Check out our main website

Do visit our main website at www.graphicline.co.za, which we guarantee will prove a visually satisfying experience.

With Thanks; Mike Otgaar (Graphicline Web, Graphics & DTP owner)


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