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CartPress Sends no-cache Headers

WordPress Plugin News Feed Stops Website Caching

It’s hard to believthecartpress sends no-cache headers icone a simple news feed from the CartPress e-commerce plugin for WordPress prevents WordPress from caching pages. This is apparently what happened to a website recently.

The website was caching fine up to early 2013, then stopped caching. In March we provided some pro-bono help, and the bug seemed to be fixed. 6 weeks later the bug had returned. After trying every possible cache plugin, the owner was getting desperate.

We had a quick look at the website, and found http headers had no-cache parameters set. Read more.

CartPress Sends no-cache Headers

Why Do You Want a Website

Do You Really Want or Need a Website?

why want a website iconIs a question I find myself asking (silently) prospective and even some existing clients. It’s a terrible thing for a web-master to ask. I make a living (well try to anyway) from website construction, management and support. Yet I really think some companies don’t need a website. I know they don’t really want one, it’s just the thing to do.

A website is a responsibility; it needs frequent and regular updating, lots of content, a clear idea about what is expected.

The Worse Reason To Have a Website:

“We have to have a website, it’s expected today”. Right, at least part of that statement is true. I for one hesitate to deal with a business that doesn’t have a website. But this is not a good reason for a business to own a site. I hear this statement repeated by business owners all the time. Usually in a sentence “The website doesn’t bring us any business, but we have to have one”.

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Dual Displays Rule

I’ve been spoilt. For the past 6 years I’ve had the benefit of dual displays. Recently I was reduced to a single monitor, and it has been a nightmare. The reason; I simply needed to use my 2nd screen on another PC.

Broken computer - image from


There’s been a mini flood of PC’s with problems through the office… and space here is really limited. There is just enough for the 2 LCD usual screens, and a 3rd old smaller CRT type if it’s raised up above the others, and the scanner gets put somewhere else. I also have a small workbench to the side – just big enough to take one PC box at a time. Space also had to be found for an extra 2 keyboards, and 2 more mice… Read the rest of this entry