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Wishing For Spam Free Hosting

Are You Wishing For Spam Free Secure Hosting

Do you wish you could host your WordPress blog (self-hosted) where spam wasn’t a problem, where hackers couldn’t damage your site, where your host took effective steps to keep spammers and hackers away from your blog?

Are you fed-up with all the spam and hacker attacks from China, the former Soviet states and other notorious regions, the sharply rising level of cyber-attacks from the middle east and northern Africa?

Are all the hacking attacks and login attacks from hacked web sites and bad-host web-servers giving you grey hairs?

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Massive Number Websites in Botnet

Massive Number of Hacked USA Websites Participate in WordPress Botnet Attack

website botnet thumbnail imageFor the past couple of days we’ve been watching a customers WordPress site being attacked by a botnet of websites trying to access site admin with user name “admin” and a variety of simple passwords.

Most of these attacks are coming from USA based web hosting services. One particular top level service provider, Provo Unified Layer, stands out above the rest as the most hacked network. Many 2nd tier providers use Provo Unified Layer infrastructure including Bluehost and Hostmonster. Of the hosts using Provo Unified Layer infrastructure, Bluehost is ahead of the pack in having hosted sites participating in the botnet. (Read more about Bluehost and the Botnet).

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wordpress security alert banner image

Security alert for all WordPress users. New activity by a botnet attacking WordPress Installations.

This botnet is working alongside hacked WordPress sites to attack further WordPress installations. There are already thousands of hacked WordPress sites participating in this attack.

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CartPress Sends no-cache Headers

WordPress Plugin News Feed Stops Website Caching

It’s hard to believthecartpress sends no-cache headers icone a simple news feed from the CartPress e-commerce plugin for WordPress prevents WordPress from caching pages. This is apparently what happened to a website recently.

We received a request for assistance for a WordPress e-commerce site with this problem. The owner read our article; Fastest WordPress Caching System – and asked if we thought it would overcome a problem with his site. We explained this system wasn’t suitable for e-commerce.

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Error Message Using Mystique Theme

Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty

A WordPress error message displayed publicly is usually caused by a conflict between a theme and a plugin. “Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty”.

wordpress error message orange iconThis error message is seen on a few sites using the Mystique WordPress theme, as well as a few other themes. One of the reasons for the error for sites using Mystique is a conflict when category and tag taxonomy terms are used for PAGES. Ninja Page Categories Plugin used with the Mystique theme results in this error message.

The error has something to do with menu fields, with the plugin installed the theme admin reports a theme field has been disabled as it already exists, and the error messages are displayed wherever a custom menu is in use…

The Page Categories and Tags plugin still does what it’s supposed to, include pages in taxonomy term archive pages.

Solutions to Mystique and Page Categories Error Messages:

The simple answer is change the theme, uninstall the plugin, or only use the basic menu, which is not a solution for those of us who want to make use of Mystique with page categories, or find another solution.

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