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Nofollowing Tag Cloud Links

A Plugin to Nofollow WordPress Tag Cloud Widget Links

nofollow tag cloud links featured imageSomething about Tag Cloud widgets has always bugged me. They are great for visitors; a very useful navigation feature and convenient to use. But all those links sharing page value…

And a lot of that value goes nowhere – my tag pages are noindexed for search engines to avoid content duplication issues. So why not nofollow the links from tag clouds and get a bit more page juice.

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Fix Widget Position

CSS Fix for Text Widget Without Title

I previously wrote about using a Text Widget without a Widget Title or Name as a way to gain a small improvement in SEO for a blog (see WordPress Widget Headings) by using a lower order <h> attribute than the <h3> standard mark-up used by the theme.

Some themes play nicely when the title is blank by collapsing the space used by the title if it is missing. More themes however keep the space intended for the title resulting in a large blank space that spoils the appearance of the blog. This can be fixed fairly easily using CSS styles to reposition the widget content.

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Fix Widget Position

Search In Place for WordPress

Search In Place Plugin Smart WordPress Search

search in place results screenshotSearch In Place, a newly released plugin for WordPress (self hosted) blogs “Ajaxifies” the standard WordPress search. Start typing a search term – more than 3 characters) and the plugin starts looking for results that get displayed in a drop-down list.

The plugin description on informs users:

Search in Place improves blog search by displaying query results in real-time. Search in place displays a list with results dynamically as you enter the search criteria.

Search in Place groups search results by their type, labeling them as post, page, or attachment, and highlights the searched terms.

As can be seen from the screen capture image on the right, starting to type a search term (e.g. plugin) results in a list of matching results appearing while you type. I found this plugin today mentioned in the “Newest Plugins” in one of my WordPress sites dashboards. So it was installed and tested; and kept.

Nice features include grouping the results by content type e.g. Page/Post, and the featured image thumbnails showing up in the list.

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WordPress Widget Headings

A Basic WordPress Widget Heading Error

WordPress is mostly a SEO friendly system, yet there is one critical error that will reduce the optimisation of a WordPress blog or website: WordPress encloses Widget Titles within <h3> header markup. WordPress is not the only system theme developers make this basic error – I’ve also seen Drupal themes using h3 and worse still h2

The three primary heading markup tags really should only ever be used in content.

  • <h1> markup should only be used for page or post TITLES
  • <h2> should be the introduction content heading, with occasional use to separate really important sections of articles.
  • <h3> should be used to separate subsections included under <h2> markup tags…

Ideally, Widget Titles and the widget content that follows should use the lowest possible heading tag markup; preferably <h5> or <h6>

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WordPress Widget Headings