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Roubaix Ovh Systems

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Roubaix Ovh Systems

Is Roubaix Ovh Systems, a hosting and Internet Service Provider in France, one of the most dangerous ISPs and hosts in the world? We could be justified in thinking so. At least out of ISPs and hosting companies in the Western economic zone, outside of former Soviet Union states.

When you see a spambot active on your site, a hacking attempt, or a trackback spammer, there’s a pretty good chance it’s coming from an IP registered to Roubaix Ovh Systems, or another Ovh Systems IP.

We have seen so much bad activity from IPs traced back to Roubaix Ovh Systems we now ban all their IPs as soon as I find them. Activity from all other OVH Systems networks are watched carefully.

Slow Website for Work Sample

Really Slow Joomla Site for Server and Site Demo

slow website thumbnail imageI received some links to a couple of really slow Joomla websites today. The links came in an e-mail with promotional offers from a South African web developer (competitor?). I don’t like to knock other developers so I won’t mention the sites or his name. However, the slow page loads for the two sites mentioned as recent samples, and the hosting setup mentioned motivates me to write about my findings…

The developer states “all sites hosted on my own server which only has my customers on it…  All  customers have the same server benefits of unlimited email accounts, unlimited website traffic, unlimited website storage…” I was intrigued by the ‘own server’, and decided to have a look at the sites.

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Apple Touch Icon Precomposed Not Found

Apple Touch Icon 404 Errors

Are you seeing 404 errors for a range of image files called apple-touch-icon.png and apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png with a range of size attributes and wondering where these are coming from?

apple touch icon not found iconNo, it’s not a WordPress plugin conflict or bug as some ‘Pressers have believed. It’s bad behaviour by Apple devices – iPhones and iPads. These devices look for these dedicated icons by default, instead of looking for the apple-icon link in page header, and using the normal favicon if the link isn’t found. It’s annoying, unnecessary, and easily resolved (and a waste of valuable time).

The issue becomes more complicated as Apple devices now look for a range of icons in several sizes. Read More

Apple Touch Icon Precomposed Not Found

Site Not Available on GoDaddy Hosting

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unable to connect to godaddy hosted website iconCan’t establish a connection to the server at www.***

  • The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
  • If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
  • If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Common performance issues: Time to first byte served (TTFB) often 15 seconds and longer, another 15 t0 60 seconds before the full page is loaded, Google bot page load over 4 seconds, “unable to connect to WordPress database”, unable to connect to website. Some of the ‘normal’ performance issues experienced by a client’s site hosted with GoDaddy.

Site Not Available on GoDaddy Hosting

Does GoDaddy Restore Website Database

This article can be read here

godaddy restores database icon

I wonder how many others have noticed something odd happening with their WordPress sites hosted on GoDaddy. By odd, I mean you make changes e.g. delete fix or captured 404 errors, activate a new plugin or update a plugin and so on, then the next day you go back to the site, and all the changes are gone – the same things fixed yesterday still exist?

There are only two things I can think of to cause this to happen;

  • Sites using distributed servers are not updating (unlikely with basic shared hosting)
  • the hosting company (GoDaddy) is restoring the site and/or database from a backup (most likely)

Does GoDaddy Restore Website Database

South Africa’s Most Expensive Website

Provincial Government Website Costs Taxpayers R140M

most expensive website iconWell, that’s one version of the story. The Free State Provincial government claims it spent only R40M – on 38 websites! Whichever version is true, the questions remain;

  • why does a provincial government need to have 38 websites?
  • hho in their right mind pays over R1M for any small website?
  • if the R140M is correct, then surely the websites must be massive – with thousands of pages, highly functional, and completely custom designed from the ground up.

Expensive Free State Website

The website causing the controversy is the official website of the Free State Provincial Government (Province is similar to a US State)
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WordPress 3.6 Due

WordPress 3.6 Delayed but Still Due in April 2013

The release of WordPress 3.6 has been delayed for 2 weeks, but is still expected for public release by April 29th! The release was pushed back to allow beta testers more time to find and report bugs in WP 3.6 core. As far as new features go,  no more new features or functions will get added after March 27. At this point the beta will be released for developer testing.

What to Expect in WP 3.6

These are some of the possible new features we may see in WP 3.6

wordpress 3.6 iconPost formats UI: Post formats UI in WordPress 3.6 will change. The UI (User Interface) itself will be revised to help users better understand a particular post format.

Several sources of inspiration will be worked in, in particular CF Post Formats by Alex King, UI and the famous Tumblr interface. What we can expect from WordPress 3.6 (

How will this affect us? If the changes to the media manager are anything to go by, the change will not be good for those of us using WordPress for a website CMS. We can probably expect another dumbed-down interface (which hopefully WYSIWYG editor developers will be on top of before this version is released).

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Another WP3.5 Site Backdated

One More WordPress 3.5 Series Site Goes Back

I’ve just had to backdate another WordPress 3.5 series (WP3.5.1) site to WP 3.4.2. This time it was for the media manager which the client decided he really couldn’t live with.

“I’ve got peculiar links all over my blog to posts that don’t exist, e.g. mydomain/anotherdomain/post-title/!” “Has my site been hacked?”

thumbnail image for another wp3.5 site backdated

After a quick front-end survey of the site, my answer; “No sir, your site hasn’t been hacked. WordPress is adding your domain to incompletely formatted outgoing links in your posts.”

“When you add outgoing links, do you always include the full http: //www etc string?” “It’s easy to fix, just go back to every post with outgoing links and make sure the full http:// is included. “

“But I’ve got hundreds of posts, isn’t there something else we can do? I never had to do that before. I thought WordPress did it for me!”

“Yes sir, you can revert back to the last version of WordPress that didn’t have that feature!”

“I don’t know how to, how much will you charge to do it for me?”

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Website Down for Visitor Safety

Website Offline after DoS Attack

My Drupal website,, remains offline today following yesterdays JavaScript injection / denial of service attack. I decided to take the site offline to ensure the safety of visitors while I check the site for any malware. My hosting service technicians are also examining the server for any possible faults or configuration problems. Other sites on sub-domains of were affected at times, and further disruptions of service are expected.

website affline after dos attack graphic imageThe DoS (denial of service) attack began in the early hours of January 24 2012 and continued for nearly 2 hours. During this time thousands of attempts were made to inject JavaScript redirect code into the website (there are too many related entries in the log to count). Although initial inspection showed no successful hack, I felt it prudent to take the site down until certain no malware or other bad stuff had been included.

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Don’t Update to WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 Causes Problems – Don’t Update

wordpress 3.5 bug cartoon imageBe very careful before updating to WordPress 3.5, it may break vital systems. A number of plugins and themes are partly or totally incompatible with WordPress 3.5 at this time. If you have advanced features and commercial themes wait until you are certain these are fully WP3.5 compliant before upgrading, or you could lose these functions, and lose business as a result.

If you are starting a new blog or website WordPress 3.5 is fine… If your existing blog uses a default WordPress theme like TwentyEleven, TentyTwelve or TwentyTen, and only default or 3.5 proven plugins, then probably it’s OK to update. If you have extended functions on the front end, be wary, be very wary!

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