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Plugin Accepted by WordPress

First Plugin Accepted by

first wordpress plugin iconI had some good news today; my first plugin submitted to got accepted and is now in the repository.

It’s only a very simple plugin that adds rel=”nofollow” to tag cloud widgets, but it feels good to contribute something to the community. Of course, it also feels good to see my .org identity listed under the plugin 🙂

And here’s the link to the repository

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Nofollowing Tag Cloud Links

A Plugin to Nofollow WordPress Tag Cloud Widget Links

nofollow tag cloud links featured imageSomething about Tag Cloud widgets has always bugged me. They are great for visitors; a very useful navigation feature and convenient to use. But all those links sharing page value…

And a lot of that value goes nowhere – my tag pages are noindexed for search engines to avoid content duplication issues. So why not nofollow the links from tag clouds and get a bit more page juice.

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Website Taxonomy Overhauled

Web Site Tags Examined and Updated

The past couple of weeks have seen the taxonomy used on completely revamped. Unused or redundant tags were deleted (except for a few that remain for planned articles), header images added along with a short description of the tagged content and a meta description and a list of tags added to the site.

Search Indexing for Tag Archives

Mostly, tag archive pages are “noindexed” for search engines to avoid duplication problems. During the overhaul I was able to weed out the ones that were still indexed – created before I set the system to automatically noindex new tags using the Drupal Meta Tags Quick module.

Some tag archives were selected for search engine indexing, being careful to avoid those with very similar results from being indexed as well. Indexing taxonomy (tags and categories) can create really big problems when it comes to content duplication and search engines.

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WordPress Page Categories and Tags

Category and Tag Taxonomy for WordPress Pages

Category and Tag Post taxonomy is familiar to all WordPress users, or self hosted systems. WordPress doesn’t have category or tag page taxonomy built-in. Several plugins are available from to extend these taxonomy terms to pages, closing the gap for WordPress to become a fully fledged website content management system.

One problem with these plugins has been the need to do some hard coding to allow these plugins to work properly. This is no longer the case. The latest version of Ninja Page Categories and Tags plugin now works without hard coding.

Ninja Page Categories and Tags

Ninja Page Categories and TagsNinja Page Categories and Tags adds the taxonomy to pages. When editing pages categories and tags can be selected the same way they are for Posts. The plugin can be downloaded free from

The latest version 1.2.1 released on 14 February works without any hard coding or modification to theme template files, a better solution than having to custom code your theme. Theme changes will also be easier as a result as there’s no longer a need to add the code to a new theme.

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Readomattic Retired

Prematurely RetiredToday is a  sad day in the annals of Readomattic has been retired.

Since I started blogging on Readomattic, the RSS aggregated feed of subscribed post tags has been one of the things I have really enjoyed, so it was saddening today to find this cryptic message on the linked page

“Readomattic has been retired. Subscriptions can be read on the home page.”

But can they? Sort of! No longer is there a useful concise list of the latest postings relevant to my entire list of subscribed tags, instead we now have to click on each of the tags to find what used to be an easy read.

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