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Htaccess Site Speed Impact

Does the .htaccess File Slow Site Performance

Bloggers often ask the question “does using .htaccess for security or redirection slow down the site”? The answer should perhaps not be a simple yes or no. Some hosts recommend .htaccess should not be too large (not have a lot of rules) as it has a bad impact on performance. htaccess logoThen again some users have very long lists of rules in their .htaccess files and their sites are still fast enough to satisfy visitors and accepted Google page load speeds.

We need to weigh the benefits of using .htaccess for security, redirection and site configuration against any performance penalties (or advantages). Once we understand how .htaccess works on our blogs we can make the decision how we will this extremely useful file.

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Server Down – 9 October 2013

International Web Hosting Server Down

The USA based VPS hosting our international client’s and our own site is offline while the engineers attend to the problem.

Problem First Noticed After Midday 9 October 2013

We first noticed a developing problem at around 12h00 GMT when the server become progressively slower to respond to requests.

Later afternoon the VPS was taken offline for the engineers at the GNAX Atlanta data centre to work on the problem.

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Host on Network

Host Your Site on the Server Network

Would YOU like to host your site on the server network. Sorry, that’s a rhetorical question. There can be only one answer – YES. Well, if I’m reading the adverts correctly, it’s possible. VIP Services

It seems there’s a whole bunch of things available for Self-hosted WordPress, from several different levels of hosting to a range of expert WordPress support services vip hosting screenshot

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Server Resource Overload

My Domain is too Busy – Server Overloaded

server resource overload iconI never though I would be saying this – at least not within 12 months of switching my site(s) to CMS. It’s only 12 months – nearly twelve months, since I installed Drupal for my main website, less since adding two WordPress sub-domain sites. Now my the shared server is having to push out more than 80 000 pages a month – or so the server stats show. And it’s causing problems!

It’s causing problems because my domain is exhausting available server resources. The most common resource exceeding limits is CPU – often hitting 100% utilisation. Memory is often going over the available share of 1GB – that’s right 1000MB – available for the domain. While maximum entry processes are averaging between 4 and 6, there have been several instances where the 20 limit was exceeded.

And I’ve been wondering why I’ve been battling to edit and publish content for the past 6 weeks.

server resources used by graphic chart

Server Resources Usage Chart for

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Website Service Advisory

We are upgrading

Upgrading to provide a better service


Starting on the 15th of July 2011, we are embarking on several projects which may affect the availability of our website

The main part of this project includes:

  • Re-configuring the server for MySQL and PHP content  (Completed)
  • Installing Drupal for development purposes (Completed)
  • Installing WordPress for development purposes

We expect the process to be fully completed and tested before the 30th of the month. During this time there may be periods when the website will be off-line, and visitors may experience 404 “page not found” and other errors.

We extend apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Relevant noticfications will be posted on this (Graphiclineweb) site.

During research conducted over the past several days, several technical items have been highlighted which can cause a problem or two when installing these applications on a live HTML based website. The company, Afrihost, which provides our hosting solution has been notified of this planned installation and agrees there may be a few things to sort out. They have committed their support should it be required. (I would prefer to get the whole thing working myself – what can be learned from having someone else do it for you?) and an associate, a Linux/Unix programmer will also be available if needed.

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