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Google Rich Snippets Ratings with WordPress

Google Rich Snippets Star Ratings for WordPress

Ever noticed the stars on some search results in Google and wondered how this works? The star rating make use of Google’s relatively new Rich Snippets features, the same feature that displays authorship markup in search results.

WordPress (self hosted WordPress) can add this Rich Snippet Star Rating to their websites and blogs using the GD Star Ratings Plugin.

Star Ratings Good for Traffic Referrals

Boost the conversion rate from search listings to visits with a star rating system. The stars stand out from the crowd, catching a Google searchers eye and encouraging click-throughs to your blog.

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Authorship Markup for

Using Authorship Markup and

(updated: 16-05-2012) Most bloggers by now will have heard about claiming authorship for their posts. Possibly many will be wondering how to do this with their blog. The instructions for using the attributes rel=”author” and rel=”me” posted on Google are possibly a bit confusing for bloggers without some HTML background – in fact without some minor changes the markup will not verify!. This article seeks to provide an easy to use solution for bloggers using the platform.

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