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Google Drops Real Estate MLS Listings

Will Google Stop Indexing Real Estate Website MLS Listings

is google dropping mls links iconIs Google going to stop indexing MLS listings on real estate websites? It’s a rumour we came across recently! Disturbingly, the source of the rumour came from an IDX service provider. (IDX service is an intermediary service between the raw data MLS feed and a realtors website)

The IDX service provider told our client there was no point in having indexable listings on his real estate website as Google was going to stop indexing these listings.

In a way this makes sense. Yet the idea raises more questions than it answers.

MLS listings are a big problem for SEO – content duplication… Read more

Google Drops Real Estate MLS Listings

Helping Zillow and Trulia

Are You Helping Zillow and Trulia Outrank You

Are you helping Zillow and Trulia outrank you in Google SERP? Maybe you are, then again, maybe you’re not. An interesting article by suggests these well-known real estate industry sites benefit from the links contained in the data widgets they provide for realtors in the USA.

Maybe you even thought you’d try to take advantage of their name recognition, and add one, two, or a few of their widgets to your site. Little did you know that by doing so, you are giving Zillow and Trulia more firepower to outrank your site.
It’s a brilliant scheme, really. Both Zillow and Trulia provide a full range of widgets for agents to use on their independent real estate sites.¬† Read more

On first glance the article makes sense, but is it the whole story?

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IDXPro MLS Not Working

What is

IDXPro MLS Realty SearchIDXPro is a Multi Listing Real Estate tool from for Estate Agents. Realtors can embed the tool in their websites, giving clients access to a comprehensive list of available properties.

IDXPro is one many MLS search tools available to realtors. I am not a USA based realtor, so I cannot compare the quality of the service of any of these search facilities, however, a client who is a realtor in California considers the service excellent (apart from one unfortunate aspect – below).

IDXPro will not serve the embedded search utility to regions outside of a very selected approved list. Read More.

IDXPro MLS Not Working

Last Job 2011, First Job 2012

Clearwater Beach Website Re-vamp

Clearwater Beach PropertyThe last job of 2011, which is also the first job for 2011 started yesterday. Clearwater Beach Real Estate, a Florida based real estate company needs their website SERP  improved. This job is a holistic web management undertaking that includes on-site optimisation of content and code, upgrading basic site security, structural changes and improvements to the visual impact of the website.

A few of the areas under the microscope include simple security improvements (why do commercial theme authors violate the most basic recommendation that no mention should be made of WordPress CMS anywhere in the code or text content, and add admin links to the footer area?), several page and menu items needing nofollow attributes, a more organised primary navigation menu, a feed from an external site (required) that is wrecking page load speed – it takes more than 30 seconds to load, and stops the rest of the page loading (That one is going to be fun to fix… might need a code hack to force it to load last!)

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