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Do You Use the Reader

How Often Do You Use the Reader

do you use reader featured imageI must admit, I hardly ever use the Reader. I used to go through the old Readomatic listings almost daily, sometimes more than once. I found lot’s of posts I enjoyed reading, and visited a lot of blogs. Since the demise of Readomatic, I hardly ever get to read other blogs.

Which is a great pity. The reader is actually very nice. With “Freshly Pressed” You can choose a grid of thumbnails, or a list of post teasers. It’s easy to select topics for articles posted with those tags.

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Readomattic Retired

Prematurely RetiredToday is a  sad day in the annals of Readomattic has been retired.

Since I started blogging on Readomattic, the RSS aggregated feed of subscribed post tags has been one of the things I have really enjoyed, so it was saddening today to find this cryptic message on the linked page

“Readomattic has been retired. Subscriptions can be read on the home page.”

But can they? Sort of! No longer is there a useful concise list of the latest postings relevant to my entire list of subscribed tags, instead we now have to click on each of the tags to find what used to be an easy read.

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