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Broken Links Bad For Website

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The first answer to will broken links harm your Google ranking is no. The second answer is yes. Google says “Generally, 404 errors don’t impact your site’s ranking in Google.”

This is of course only part of the story. Google’s info page doesn’t mention anything about the number of broken links. It’s perfectly normal for Google to find broken links to your website from other websites.

That’s OK sometimes. Maybe you’d removed some old content and hadn’t got round to fixing the broken links yet.

Broken Links Bad For Website

Changing WordPress Permalink Structure

change wordpress permalink structure

If you want to change the WordPress permalink structure of your blog or website there are a few things to consider first, and preparations to make before proceeding

The structure of Permalinks WordPress uses is easy to change; selecting a new option and clicking the radio button will take care of it for you. But what is the effect on SEO, what about all the links from other blogs and referrers?

You need to make sure search engines will still be able to find the content, and backlinks from the thousands (hopefully) of sites linking to yours will still send visitors to the correct page.

Here are a few guidelines that will reduce the loss of search engine ranking, and take care of the backlinks.

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