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Panda Help for SA Bloggers

Panda 2.5 – Free Help for South African Bloggers

Beating up the Panda

Beating the Panda

If you are a South African based Small business entrepreneur, and your blog site has taking a severe traffic drop as a result of Google Panda 2.5, I can possibly help.

To help these SME’s I am making the resources of my company available with a PRO BONO offer to help move your blog to a self hosted domain.

The only way you have a realistic chance of recovering is to move your blog site to your own domain. I fully realise many of you do not have the technical skills to do this without help. The process of setting up a WordPress CMS is simple to us web people, but complicated for the uninitiated.

Transferring an existing site poses additional challenges. happines engineers will do this for you for a fee, to one of their partner hosting services. For South Africans, a domain is cheaper than a dot-com or other international domain, and not necessary for those of us conducting business in South Africa – When a visitor sees they know straight away this is a South African web site, a dot-com could be anywhere in the world.

Having a self hosted WordPress site gives the advantage of total control over the site structure, with the long-term benefits of making your site (blog) as Google friendly as possible.

Pro-Bono to Beat Google Discrimination

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Too Many Backlinks are Bad News

Backlinks can harm your Website

I’m listening to all those backlink farmers screaming. But it is a fact, too many backlinks from a single domain will not do your site any good at all.

Consider this example. A site with more than 5700 backlinks from 51 domains, several considered authoritative sites. Wow you say, that must be a really strong site. Well yes it was. It got clobbered by Panda 2.5 – In one day from page 1 Google SERP to who knows where!

Where’s the problem you ask. The problem is simple; 5432 of those backlinks came from a single domain –

Google right now is not looking at subdomains of – your blogs, it is aggregating all links from all blogs on the platform into a single domain.

The backlinks are to 45 pages on the site – more than 100 links per page. Now if that was from 100 sites it would be better. But 5400 links from a domain equals heavy link farming!

5432 backlinks

5432 backlinks

Where did these links come from?

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Panda 2.5 hits blogs hard?

Several blogs I follow (as well as this blog), with articles that were doing very well in Google SERP (top 10) before Panda 2.5 have disappeared completely from results. Some of the articles contained useful information, e.g. Malware related articles. The only way to find these articles now is with a search so specific there is virtually no other alternative but to find the content.

This blog is one of those affected. Traffic has dropped off remarkably since Panada 2.5. The infographic below shows the marked decline.Blog views infographic

Yet Panda 2.5 continues to rank POACHED content from these articles: Several of my own articles have been heavily poached and re-posted verbatim on other sites – with external links in place. Can Google no longer detect which was the original content?

Additionally numerous articles have been linked to – one would think all these backlinks should be beneficial, but no, perhaps Google now considers these backlinks as link farming. Hard to reconcile as website owners and bloggers have little control over who links to their content.

Possibly Google decided that a recent spate of heavy splogging (spam blogs), e.g. ‘Kindle Fire Sale’ and 2 or 3 other splogs with similar names by the same crowd, was just cause to downgrade all blogs? I can’t disagree that ‘kindle fire sale’ posting 40 or 50 times an hour with rubbish linking to their Amazon product listings etc should have been blacklisted by Google – and removed from (no, I neglected to report these splogs – next time!). But it’s rather harsh on the genuine bloggers who use

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