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Open Source Software Popularity

Open Source Becoming Mainstream

“Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process” (Open Source Initiative)

Considering a poll being conducted on eWEEKeurope open source software is gaining penetration with business users.

OpenSource Poll Results

OpenSource Poll Results

47% of respondents significantly favour open source applications, and a further 15% are trying it out.

Slightly more tha 63% of responders make use of OpenSource to some extent.

A further 8% state they might use it but are locked into propretory software.

Only 13% said they they do not trust it.

Operating Systems:

Refering to a Softpedia article, Linux makes up 40.6% of the operating systems in use, while Microsoft Windows still holds a narrowing lead of 57.5%

Open Source in South African Public Sector

As far back as 2003 open source software started gaining support at official levels in South Africa. In 2003 the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Indsustrial Research) Launched an project to assist in the development of open source in the region (

A number of Government departments today rely on opensource, including The Northern Cape Provincial Government, Department of Land Affairs, and SA Revenue Services (Linux and Oracle). Education also makes extensive use of open source applications for in-school computer learning programs.

Facebook and Twitter Opensource.

I wonder how many of the approximate 800 million Facebook users realise the worlds most used social media network is based on open source technology.

Then there are the more than 600 million users of Twitter, another major open source appplication. How many of the 13% who ‘do not trust’ open source are regular tweeters, and spend hours every week on Facebook?


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Taking on OpenERP | Graphicline Zone

OpenERP logoDecision to use OpenERP

Much of today was given over to instaling and configuring OpenERP, an OpenSource business administration solution.

A modern full featured ERP system has been a critical requirement for our admin ever since becoming a full time business.

OpenERP compared to other options

Open ERP will provide most if not all the functionality required going forward, and at some point will be integrateable with our Drupal Customer Zone

Read the full story on The Zone: Taking on OpenERP | Graphicline Zone.

OpenSource Software

I admit it, I have become a fan of OpenSource software. After great experiences with WordPress and Drupal, finding a OpenSource logo imagedecent OpenSource ERP solution in OpenERP was a definite plus.

OpenSurce applications have really come a long way in the past several years. The good ones are feature rich, STABLE, and more often than not free.

They may not be as plug&play as some Windows or Official Mac apps, but anyone setting up an ERP on Windows Server / SQL server will know these are also not plug&play in the strict sense of the word.

As far as Open ERP installation on Windows, as easy or as difficult as Evolution, whichever way one wants to look at it. A quick installation that didn’t require a restart, then a few basic things like remembering what the admin password had been set at, followed by creating a new database, and logging on to http://localhost.

Looks good in a “what the doctor ordered” kind of way.

OpenERP Revue:

I will review the app in 4 to 6 months time, after having used it. It’s not a priority project right now.

Support the OpenSource applications we use:

The least any of us who use the essentially free OpenSource apps can do, is provide a link back from our sites to the providers web site, and publicise it through our usual social networks.

WordPress is OpenSource too