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Correct Mystique Site Title Header

How to Correct WordPress Mystique Theme Site Title Header Markup

fix mystique theme h1 title error iconA sharp eyed user of the WordPress Mystique theme noticed duplicate <h1> headers on the front page.

The theme places the site title and tagline inside <h1> markup for the front page and blog page.

And of course, WordPress puts the page title in <h1> markup as well – so you get 2 instances of <h1> on the site front page and the blog.

Not good for SEO. There must only be one H1 on any page.

Funny thing is, the developer has commented the theme file responsible for assigning the title markup, in the code just prior to the offending lines of script:

“only on the front/home page, for seo reasons”

Change the Code to Fix Error

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Unicorns in Your WordPress Dashboard

Do you have Mystique Unicorn Pictures in WordPress Dashboard

image of unicorn avatar in mystique wordpress themeUnicorn images are showing up in WordPress Dashboards. If you are using the Mystique WordPress Theme for a self hosted WordPress blog this is not a sign of a hacked site, just an April Fools joke and it will go away on April 2. Apart from being totally annoying it is harmless and probably not worth the effort needed to edit the code and prevent the function.

The image URL shows up as coming from – with a variable string attached at the end.

If you want to stop the unicorns from disrupting your WordPress Dashboard, the place to look is in the functions.php file in the Mystique Theme folder. Look for this code; if you are using the current version of the theme it is on line 500 – near the bottom of the file code. (Or do a text search for ‘ some fun ‘ if you can’t find it).

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Error Message Using Mystique Theme

Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty

A WordPress error message displayed publicly is usually caused by a conflict between a theme and a plugin. “Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty”.

wordpress error message orange iconThis error message is seen on a few sites using the Mystique WordPress theme, as well as a few other themes. One of the reasons for the error for sites using Mystique is a conflict when category and tag taxonomy terms are used for PAGES. Ninja Page Categories Plugin used with the Mystique theme results in this error message.

The error has something to do with menu fields, with the plugin installed the theme admin reports a theme field has been disabled as it already exists, and the error messages are displayed wherever a custom menu is in use…

The Page Categories and Tags plugin still does what it’s supposed to, include pages in taxonomy term archive pages.

Solutions to Mystique and Page Categories Error Messages:

The simple answer is change the theme, uninstall the plugin, or only use the basic menu, which is not a solution for those of us who want to make use of Mystique with page categories, or find another solution.

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Talking Shop with Mike Otgaar

Talking Shop – My New Blog

Talking ShopToday I posted my first articles on Talking Shop. Talking Shop or Shop Talk is the blog for my new newly opened PC Technology Store. It is not about reviews, at least this is not the intention. Product reviews are published using web site pages instead of posts…

Talking Shop is more about general computer industry related topics, possibly occasional announcements of special offers and new product releases worthy of mention. The first posts discuss the current time being a good time to upgrade a PC, and why I think it is better to ‘buy up’ when purchasing a PC system.

Talking Less can be More:

Right now, I intend to keep most of the posts on Talking Shop short and sharp, limiting content to between 300 and 400 hundred words. I consider fewer than 300 bad for search engine ranking. More than 400 hundred words detracts from the purpose of  ‘Talking shop’ – brief quick articles that may be remembered by shoppers for PC equipment. Read the rest of this entry

Mystique Theme Update

Mystique 3.2.9 Update Released

Digital Nature Logo

Digital Nature recently released several updates to their Mystique theme for self hosted websites, starting with version 3.2 in December 2011. Since then several more updates follwed, the most recent being version

Invariably a version update to a theme is a cause for concern: Will the theme work with the site after installation? Will it break anything? Will I have to spend time re-configuring any settings or customisations?

It is always a good idea to read the release notes, as well as user comments first, and look for issues before continuing with an upgrade. This should be standard practice anyway for plugins, WordPress updates and themes.  There were a few comments left on the them page already mentioning some problems, so the update was first tested on a development site before installing on the live site Graphicline PC Shop.

Child Theme Prevents Problems with Update

The automatic update worked without a hitch on both the development and live sites. Best of all, no settings or customisations were lost! And that applies to version 3.2 and the minor upgrade 3.2.2 – I missed the 3.2.1. In fact I was downloading v3.2.1 when the later version downloaded instead…

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NextGEN Gallery with Theme Mystique

Front Page Slider in Mystique Theme

Sorry all Mystique fans, this is only for self hosted WordPress sites. The theme, Mystique 3.1 from Digital Nature – the same people who developed the Lite version available on Word and as a download form, also have a free to use advanced theme available.

Mystique 3.1 is a very versatile theme that provides options usually only available from commercial (paid for) themes. Above all it looks good and works well.

Mystique NextGen Gallery selection
Mystique NextGen Gallery selection

However some new users can get confused by the slider settings… There are options to use two gallery plugins for the front page slider, Atom gallery or NextGen Gallery. The problem is the mentioned Ajax Gallery plugin cannot be located – a Google Search turns up nothing of relevance.

Create NextGen Gallery and Select

To use a gallery, you need to add a new gallery, upload images to use, and select the chosen gallery. Importantly, the images must be the required size (which can be changed in the Mystique Themes options panel). If these are larger than the required size, NestGen can be configure to re-size or crop the uploaded image to fit…

It is a simple process and works really well. I am using the theme and gallery plugin on an e-commerce website build that can be viewed at  Graphicline PC.

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osCommerce e-store

OsCommerce logo

WPOnlineStore e-store for Graphicline

Finally, after several days trying e-commerce solutions, I am going to use osCommerce and WordPress for the PC store with the WPOnlineStore system.

As I mentioned, the Drupal 7 option requires several unstable modules; after running up a development Drupal system, there were clearly going to be some problems with the plugins that I don’t intend to spend time fixing.

WordPress commerce systems tried included WP E-Commerce, wpStoreCart and finally osCommerce which worked out the best of the lot, and is the easiest to set up as well requiring just a shortcaode added to a single page to create a full online store.

osCommerce with Mystique screenshot

Click image for larger view

osCommerce is highly configurable with lots of functionality, and provided the appearance I was looking for anyway. A WordPress theme, probably Mystique, will be used on the front end; it looks good on the testing server, and matches some of our other themes (as well as this blog).

The Mystique theme is the Ajax powered version 3.1 from Digital Nature which also offers numerous options. Possibly using this theme is overkill as the WordPress part of the production store will be very basic, not much more than a front end for the shop.

The latest WordPress version will be used, version 3.3

osCommerce SSL Support

Another useful feature, osCommerce supports SSL (secure Socket Layer) adding security to the site for financial transactions. Although not required at the moment as only PayPal and Online transfer payment methods will e used, should the need to accept credit cards directly arise, the basics are already in place.

Other e-commerce systems tested:

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