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CartPress Sends no-cache Headers

WordPress Plugin News Feed Stops Website Caching

It’s hard to believthecartpress sends no-cache headers icone a simple news feed from the CartPress e-commerce plugin for WordPress prevents WordPress from caching pages. This is apparently what happened to a website recently.

The website was caching fine up to early 2013, then stopped caching. In March we provided some pro-bono help, and the bug seemed to be fixed. 6 weeks later the bug had returned. After trying every possible cache plugin, the owner was getting desperate.

We had a quick look at the website, and found http headers had no-cache parameters set. Read more.

CartPress Sends no-cache Headers

Site Deleted in Error

Saved by Backup

A careless mistake and 53 pages disappear into the lost bytes of cyber-space. I guess we’ve all accidentally deleted computer files at one time or another.

Today I was testing a number of WordPress configuration, trying to decide on e-commerce modules and themes, and one configuration I tried damaged the testing database… No problem, I simply deleted the installation, except I didn’t… I deleted a live site instead.

Tossing LaptopToo many long workdays,  too many late nights and a moments inattention; a click on the wrong installation and the entire site, files as well as the database got scrapped. I wondered why the deletion was taking so long!

I wish I could say I had been distracted, I cannot, simple carelessness was to blame.

Good Reason for Regular Backups

If there was ever a good reason for having an up to date backup of a website, I would have discovered it today had the CMS not been configured to backup the database everyday, and the entire file system every week. Fortunately for me, the latest database backup was from 03h45 SAST Saturday  morning, although the last file backup was from Monday morning, 6 days ago.

At least there are only around 30 or so image files to upload again, and links to the images to fix, not a big problem, and they’re saved on my local machine anyway.

Backup Your Website and Files

How many times I have been saved by backups. Damaged CMS databases, hacking attempts and malware; a recent backup saved the day. Even something as simple as a module update causing the content to disappear (Drupal users my know of this one). A simple database restore fixes the problem.

Not to mention computer files – damaged hard drives, corrupt operating systems, virus damage, not having a backup can cause hours, days or weeks of extra work, lost time, lost money.

Emoticon - The BossBackup your data, backup your files, backup your databases, backup your website… Backup Everything! NOW!

Stage One in Progress

Graphicline Frontpage Image

Graphicline Frontpage

Today I began the first stage of the upgrade

The past 5 days have been great fun… assembling Drupal on a local Apache installation, going through the thousands of modules, and finding the ones needed.

Then getting the app assembled, and testing it… and still a lot to do… It has been several days of learning new things all the time (Oh YES!!!) and very absorbing. Great fun.

Today, on schedule, I decided it was time to do the domain hosting upgrade to allow deployment of this app… and can happily say that has been accomplished… with MySQL and MyPHP installed. Now just waiting for Afrihost (the domain is on a shared server) to enable SSL and one or 2 other things…

Over the following few days I will finish the Drupal configuration, and upload to the server. Hopefully that will be problem free too.

Then I can start one or 2 small projects before moving on to installing the next required app – WordPress. And I’m really looking forward to that process as well.

Thanks top all the readers who have left comments. I will get to them!.. But right now it’s back to the task in hand.



Website Service Advisory

We are upgrading

Upgrading to provide a better service


Starting on the 15th of July 2011, we are embarking on several projects which may affect the availability of our website

The main part of this project includes:

  • Re-configuring the server for MySQL and PHP content  (Completed)
  • Installing Drupal for development purposes (Completed)
  • Installing WordPress for development purposes

We expect the process to be fully completed and tested before the 30th of the month. During this time there may be periods when the website will be off-line, and visitors may experience 404 “page not found” and other errors.

We extend apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Relevant noticfications will be posted on this (Graphiclineweb) site.

During research conducted over the past several days, several technical items have been highlighted which can cause a problem or two when installing these applications on a live HTML based website. The company, Afrihost, which provides our hosting solution has been notified of this planned installation and agrees there may be a few things to sort out. They have committed their support should it be required. (I would prefer to get the whole thing working myself – what can be learned from having someone else do it for you?) and an associate, a Linux/Unix programmer will also be available if needed.

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