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JQuery DataTables

JQuery DataTables with WordPress and Drupal

wordpress and drupal datatables thumbnail imageDataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. DataTables is a very flexible tool for adding advanced interactions to to any HTML table. It adds controls providing searching, sorting and pagination.

DataTables works with most popular CMS and web based CRM systems with plugins available out-of-the-box for many of these, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

I’ve recently been using the DataTables JQuery scripts for a couple of tables on a WordPress and a Drupal site, so I’m taking the opportunity to briefly discuss the plugins I’m using, and the differences using DataTables with these 2 content management systems.

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Another Website System Update

Several More System Updates for Graphicline

A Public Holiday in South Africa today, and a good opportunity to undertake another Drupal system update for Today’s updates included Drupal modules; panels, webform, options element, taxonomy menu trails, and the all important view module. Two theme updates were also completed during the process.

The entire update took less than 30 minutes, during which time the site was offline, in maintenance mode, for less than 7 minutes in total.

After completing the work on the system I took the opportunity to update the front page as well, adding “Find Out More” links using CSS classes for a better appearance. A few unnoticed spelling mistakes were fixed at the same time, and a few changes made to some wording.

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Drupal 7 Views Module Stable Release

Views for Drupal 7  Stable at Last

It has been a long time coming, finally the all important Views module for Drupal 7 is in a stable release. Available from since 16 January 2012, Drupal site builders and module developers at long last have a production version of the views module.

drupal views signDrupal 7 Views has been one of the modules in long developement. It is fair to save a number of site developers have waited impatiently for this module to be available in a full working form. Gone are the error messages previously displayed when running the database update script.

Hopefully now views has been released in this version, several other modules that depend on Drupal Views for functionality, or add to Drupal Views will achieve the same level of development in short order. CTools, Organic Groups and Project Storm are ones I am particularly waiting for.

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