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Apple Touch Icon Precomposed Not Found

Apple Touch Icon 404 Errors

Are you seeing 404 errors for a range of image files called apple-touch-icon.png and apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png with a range of size attributes and wondering where these are coming from?

apple touch icon not found iconNo, it’s not a WordPress plugin conflict or bug as some ‘Pressers have believed. It’s bad behaviour by Apple devices – iPhones and iPads. These devices look for these dedicated icons by default, instead of looking for the apple-icon link in page header, and using the normal favicon if the link isn’t found. It’s annoying, unnecessary, and easily resolved (and a waste of valuable time).

The issue becomes more complicated as Apple devices now look for a range of icons in several sizes. Read More

Apple Touch Icon Precomposed Not Found

Key Words and Keywords

Confusing the Key Words

graphic image for key wordsWhy is there confusion about key words and what they are? I refer to content key words or terms. Perhaps the cause is the similarity perceived between the key word term for SERP and meta keywords. Possibly we (webmasters and other industry specialists) are to blame – perhaps we should have used a more accurate phrase to describe key words in content. KEY PHRASE or KEY SEARCH TERM is a more accurate identity for the idea of key words.

Key Search Term

Key Search Term perfectly describes the idea behind key words, “a group of words that a searcher will use to find information”.

The idea of using key words is producing an article ‘optimised’ for the best possible results in search engine results for an intended key term. In which case the article must be about the key phrase used, or the key term must be about the SUBJECT of the article. How Should Key Words be Used in Content extends this discussion in more detail.

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The Humble Meta Description

Attract Visitors in 150 Characters

Meta Description Your SERP Showroom

Tell the world about your page or post content in one hundred and fifty characters: That is the power of the meta description HTML head markup. Search engines often use the meta description for a snippet of information to display in search results. The meta descriptions is the first impression a searcher gets about your content when looking through search engine results for required information.

A showroom, shop window, storefront display and media advertisement; meta descriptions should be used to the fullest.


Nofollow tags in WordPress and Drupal

No nofollow

Image via Wikipedia

Have you ever wanted to refer to a webpage without providing search engine ranking for the page. Perhaps you want to mention a really bad web page (or site), or a site that you find inappropriate.

Using this tag won’t harm the website you refer to or your site, it just lets search robots know the page is not related to your website. (Linking to a site considered “spam” by Google may harm your site, using nofollow is a way to prevent this possibility).

The use of “nofollow” along with ‘robots’ “nofollow and “noindex” meta tags should become standard good practice. The relationship rel=”nofollow” is similar to robots nofollow, but used differently. Robots meta is used in page content and applies to the page as a whole, while rel=”nofollow” is used anywhere within the body of the page to stop search spiders following a chosen link.

No doubt I will get piles of remarks that using these tags is no longer of any use “It no longer counts with Google” and so on. Who really knows what counts with Google. Read More

Nofollow Tags for Post, Page and Outgoing Links

Fix the Panda

Yes you can recover from Panda 2.5

If you have a site or blog that took a big hit from the latest Google algorithm update, don’t panic (Yet!).

It may take time, but it can be done. Now is the time to pay attention to basics. In some ways if your site was one that got hit very hard, possibly even de-listed, you could actually have an advantage going forward. You can now take drastic action to fix up all the errors and problems that accumulated over the years, or even months…

Broken links and missing content no longer has any relevance. Therefore you can get rid of bad content, plagiarised content, duplicate content, spam, and anything else that has no value, or may be damaging the site’s reputation with the search engine.

Be absolutely ruthless… Read more

Fix the Panda

Drupal7 Meta Tags Quick

Thanks for Drupal 7 Meta Tags Quick module

My ongoing Drupal 7 build for lacked the common meta tagskeywords‘ and ‘description’meta tags green man

These tags are not a core feature of Drupal 7 at this stage, and the intended add-on module is not yet available for production sites. Keyword meta tags are not considered vital for seo purposes; Google and other major search engines disregard them.

Meta description however is still valuable; Search engines may use the meta description to provide the snippet of information displayed in the search results.

Drupal developer ‘valthebald’ had the same desire I had, to incorporate meta tags now. Val went ahead and built a module to insert these tags, the Meta Tags Quick Module. Read More

Drupal7 Meta Tags Quick