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GIMP Gone from Sourceforge

GIMP Download Moved from Sourceforge to

gimp gone from sourceforge thumbnailThe GIMP Windows installer package download was removed from Sourceforge by the developers of the software. Citing the recent changes made by Sourceforge where their own so-called “installer” package is pushed in visitors faces, GIMP announced they could not expose GIMP users to this practice.

The GIMP is available directly from and this is the only download anyone looking the application should use now.

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WordPress Ajax Problems

WordPress Image Manager Freezes

I’m finding lately the WordPress image manager overlay often freezes when used to insert images in posts or pages. It’s annoying as the only way to get back to the article is to refresh the page – usually losing anything written since the last auto save or manual save.

ajax loader animated isonIt seems like an Ajax bug – at least from the number of Ajax errors in the logs. It’s recent as well – I don’t remember this ever happening before the WordPress 3.6 update. I’m getting this on most of the WordPress sites I edit, and have client’s reporting the same problem.

This isn’t a plugin conflict – how can I be so sure. Well, it also happens on – this blog too… And as we all know, we don’t add plugins here, and everything is supposedly tested to work before being rolled out on the platform.

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WordPress 3.5 Image Manager

New Image Manager for WordPress 3.5

The new WordPress 3.5 image manager makes a change. First seen on (except for those of us who used the beta versions of WP 3.5 on test setups).

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this new image manager at first. It looks good, and the thumbnails are a decent size – and they resize when re-sizing the browser window. It’s easy to use too. But initially there seemed something was missing – the image URL, or link to the image. (I should have looked closer – or worn my specs!)

Having got used to the image URL in the link field, from the earlier image manager, I was looking for “http” etc, right clicking the thumbnails and everything else possible, and not finding the link… Then finally, staring me in the face – well almost – tucked away in the bottom right hand corner is the link manager – you need to scroll the overlay.

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Missing Images

Image Links Broken?

Broken LinksAnyone who has linked to images on, as well as all sub-domains, may notice these are no longer displaying on their website or blog.

We at Graphicline do not mind you using and sharing our images (apart from company logos and a few copyrighted images). We have simply blocked external linking to images (HotLink Protect and Leach Protect) on our server to reduce server load.

Please download the image(s) used and upload them to your own server!

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