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The End of Google Search Relevancy

Google Search Size Matters not Content

At a high level meeting of senior Google business strategists in April a crucial decision was taken to change the way Google search works in order to “encourage” people to pay for placement in search results. “From now on we only want big sites to feature at the top of SERP. We will no longer list links to highly relevant content if it’s a smaller site. Owners of big sites are more likely to pay us for Google Ads and after all profit is what we are all about, not what people want”.

No I’m not a fly on the wall at Google HQ, and this hypothetical meeting probably never took place, this decision was probably never taken! YET!

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Spammer Asks For Help Requests Spamming Help

This must be the most ridiculous help request I have ever received via this blog. Note the items I marked-up in bold.

I need your service for the following: I have a big problem. A whole bunch of sites have come across a massive problem. Over the past 4 days I have been uploading 10 sites per day. The sites that I loaded up 3 days ago have started to disappear from their positions. I am just cautious that I don’t want to keep uploading sites if they are not going to stick:

One example site is: Vodafone Contact – this site was uploaded on the 20th November, and the URL was added to Google on the same day. On the 21st November in came straight in on Page 1 – Position 8. ( only 1 day later) Then today 24th November it has disappeared. I put it down to the Google dance (does that still happen?) It can’t be the lack of content on the site, because I have another site almost identical, which I did not add the URL to Google (could that be the problem), I just let it index naturally, and had a few backlinks added to it, and that one has stuck big time. The site is The same goes for this site: and even has crept from page 2 slowly onto the bottom of page 1. They have seriously firmed up, with similar content to the ones that have disappeared.

I really need a plan to make these new sites stick. As it is pointless buying new urls, only to have them disappear 3 days later. I have a roll out target which is 2,000 sites all of which I would want your help on. We just need to find a way for these sites to not come on and then disappear.

We could both earn a lot of money out of this project, just need to get it 100% right from the beginning. I know your probably really busy, but if you could please spend a bit of time looking into this for me, it really will be worth your while. Its a shame you’re not in the UK, otherwise we could have met up.

Kind regards Mark

(edited, abridged, speling corrected and some changes made to mentioned names)

Even the help request shows typical characteristics of a spammer; numerous spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and of course the motivation to ‘make money’

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Back in Google after Panda

Blog back in Google SERP

Finally, after almost a month of no results from Google, GraphiclineWeb is back in Google SERP and getting placement in the first page of results for several articles. Since yesterday I noticed an increase of traffic referred by search engines, and this morning the green, red, yellow and blue icon made an appearance again.

Google and Stumble results for weekOnly in a small way, but I had come to the point of moving this blog to a self hosted domain; yesterday I began the process by setting up a WordPress installation.

Perhaps I should have been more patient, but after 3 weeks of getting more traffic from StumbleUpon, Bing and Yahoo, I had concluded there was no other option. Yesterday I started a post announcing the decision, and only held off publishing until the new blog was online.

Clean-Up Efforts Succeed

Did the drastic measures taken to clean up the blog pay off; I would like to think so. The action taken included removing external links from sidebar widgets and menus, removing external RSS feeds from appearing on the blog, and a look at content to correct spelling and grammar mistakes.

Even the twitter feed had to go. Anything I could not set rel=”nofollow” for was removed, except in the case of a few links from content, and even here many of these links have been “nofollowed”.

Content Editing for Panda 2.5

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