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Panda Help for SA Bloggers

Panda 2.5 – Free Help for South African Bloggers

Beating up the Panda

Beating the Panda

If you are a South African based Small business entrepreneur, and your blog site has taking a severe traffic drop as a result of Google Panda 2.5, I can possibly help.

To help these SME’s I am making the resources of my company available with a PRO BONO offer to help move your blog to a self hosted domain.

The only way you have a realistic chance of recovering is to move your blog site to your own domain. I fully realise many of you do not have the technical skills to do this without help. The process of setting up a WordPress CMS is simple to us web people, but complicated for the uninitiated.

Transferring an existing site poses additional challenges. happines engineers will do this for you for a fee, to one of their partner hosting services. For South Africans, a domain is cheaper than a dot-com or other international domain, and not necessary for those of us conducting business in South Africa – When a visitor sees they know straight away this is a South African web site, a dot-com could be anywhere in the world.

Having a self hosted WordPress site gives the advantage of total control over the site structure, with the long-term benefits of making your site (blog) as Google friendly as possible.

Pro-Bono to Beat Google Discrimination

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Graphicline Support for SA Election Blog

On Monday evening we were approached to provide editing, graphics, back office and other support for a current affairs blog “AndNowComrade?”

The first item was to create Special Event banner header for the blog. We also had to set up posting systems for additional contributors, online and via SMS.

Additionally several news feeds needed monitoring, A number of twitter feeds, Facebook links, RSS and Google Buzz postings need to be carried out.

Today we are all feeling the long hours, but can report the day was a resounding success except in one area; the promised results feed via SABC/election website crashed before it went it went live! So we were unable to provide the date input for this part of the programme.

We still will be undertaking final editing of the posts, which were mostly placed ‘live’ and unedited or formatted, and are waiting for the (volunteer) contributors to be available.

This project was a new venture forĀ  us, and hopefully we learned a lot as we have already been asked to be available for the next National Election in 2014. (And maybe more before then too)