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DMX Dreamweaver Extensions Verdict In

The verdict is in on DMX Zone Extensions

DMX ZoneIn a recent article I Dreamweaver Hangs at Start Up I described an intermittently recurring problem I was experiencing with Dreamweaver, suspecting the possibility that an extension(s) from DMX Zone had created the problem.

It may be early days, but since I uninstalled all the DMX Zone extensions, no more hangs when starting up Dreamweaver. All the entries in Windows registry were also removed.

After a few days of use, with no hangs, a new message popped up  – “you have not installed DMX updater.. to ensure you always get the latest… install updater….”

Admittedly I got side tracked during the process of removing the extensions, simply disabling them, but leaving the actual extension file in the folder, so apparently something was still active there. These have now been sent to the trash bin – no more message pop ups…

There must be a reference to the updater extension in the DW configuration file or more registry entries. If that message returns, then I will have a look into the config file and Windows registry again.

Fast DreamweaverAnd Dreamweaver now starts up much faster than before as well! from around 10 to 15 seconds (when it did not hang), to less than 2 seconds. No more constant message pop-ups informing of new extensions released, updates to installed extensions.

I did not set out to identify which extension was the culprit causing the hang on start-up, simply because I had no use for any of them. The updater and notifier were just a nuisance, and the CSS transform extensions of no use anyway.

The verdict. No more extensions from DMX Zone for me. The extension behaviour described is too much like Adware (a form of Malware). No more daily notifications of products and updates from DMX zone either. I did not cancel the account, just blocked all e-mail notifications as spam – no time to waste cancelling accounts. They can continue to send mail ad-infinitum to the black hole that receives junk mail from thousands of blocked senders.

No more annoying promotions of their ‘Advanced HTML Editor’ either. Once again I ask the question; what is a company claiming to specialise in Dreamweaver extensions doing promoting their own non Dreamweaver application? Surely a conflict of interest. It would make more sense to create a separate business division with its own web site to promote such an application. (and the apps own range of overpriced extensions).