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WordPress Widget Headings

A Basic WordPress Widget Heading Error

WordPress is mostly a SEO friendly system, yet there is one critical error that will reduce the optimisation of a WordPress blog or website: WordPress encloses Widget Titles within <h3> header markup. WordPress is not the only system theme developers make this basic error – I’ve also seen Drupal themes using h3 and worse still h2

The three primary heading markup tags really should only ever be used in content.

  • <h1> markup should only be used for page or post TITLES
  • <h2> should be the introduction content heading, with occasional use to separate really important sections of articles.
  • <h3> should be used to separate subsections included under <h2> markup tags…

Ideally, Widget Titles and the widget content that follows should use the lowest possible heading tag markup; preferably <h5> or <h6>

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WordPress Widget Headings

Last Job 2011, First Job 2012

Clearwater Beach Website Re-vamp

Clearwater Beach PropertyThe last job of 2011, which is also the first job for 2011 started yesterday. Clearwater Beach Real Estate, a Florida based real estate company needs their website SERP  improved. This job is a holistic web management undertaking that includes on-site optimisation of content and code, upgrading basic site security, structural changes and improvements to the visual impact of the website.

A few of the areas under the microscope include simple security improvements (why do commercial theme authors violate the most basic recommendation that no mention should be made of WordPress CMS anywhere in the code or text content, and add admin links to the footer area?), several page and menu items needing nofollow attributes, a more organised primary navigation menu, a feed from an external site (required) that is wrecking page load speed – it takes more than 30 seconds to load, and stops the rest of the page loading (That one is going to be fun to fix… might need a code hack to force it to load last!)

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Changing the Guard

The changing face of GraphiclineWeb

Readers may have noticed some changes to the way material is presented in this blog.

Perhaps most significantly, posts are being written in a more personal way, using first person case (I) instead of the impersonal business third person case (we).  This is due to a change of purpose for the blog. It is no longer the primary source for business news from, instead it is now more of a personal blog.

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The type of content will remain the same, albeit presented in a more friendly manner which (I hope) will be well received. I enjoy technology, and enjoy writing for this blog. So the posts will keep coming, perhaps in greater quantity than before (as and when time allows).

My thanks to the increasing number of readers who follow this blog. I hope I can continue to provide material you will enjoy and keep you coming back for more