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Ad Free Zone!

Ad free zone billboard

With few exceptions, the pages on my business website and this blog  are ADVERT FREE.

Exceptions are only made where an advertiser provides us with something of direct benefit. In the case of this WordPress blog, occasional ads from Google Adsense and Pay per Click are carried at the discretion of… We benefit from this FREE service provided by WordPress, and are happy to let them continue placing these occasional adverts….

For those people looking to place online ads, we have a number of projects in development Review cap chartdedicated to PAID-FOR advertising and business exposure; Project Lighthouse is one such project. Anyone wishing to make use of these projects is welcome to contact us!

Product Reviews: If you have a product you would like reviewed, I will give it a fair appraisal and write a review article; however any review will be ‘as I experienced it’. Anyone desiring a review will have to provide a sample of the product, for on average 3 to 6 months or longer. Delivery and return costs will be for your expense.

These few exceptions apart, I do not carry advertising on any of my blog or web pages…


I enforce the same policy with regard to comments made on posts on this blog. Comments of a purely advertising nature will not be made public.

Requirements for comments to be made public:

  • I must find the comment valid and interesting, and any referals off-page to be of value and interesting to me.
  • The comment should be about the post or page, or concerning the blog or our websites in general, about the web or a related industry, and above all, must be interesting and useful to readers of this blog.
  • It may contain A link  to a website, another blog, or article of similar nature providing a short description of the linked content is provided. (e.g. My HomePage –
  • Guest commenting has been stopped. From August 2011 only registered Facebook, Twitter or WordPress account profiles can be used to post comments. Spam was wasting to much of our time.

The following will be edited out, or the entire comment classed as spam and trashed:

  • Spam comments
  • Irrelevant comments
  • Anything of a purely advertising nature.
  • Lists of links to other websites.
  • Links with no obvious details regarding the site linked to.
  • Links

  • Links to anything that has no bearing on the content of the post or article the comment is made on


It remains surprising the number of attempts we get from people trying to provide backlinks to web site pages or blog posts, even though comments are useless for backlinking – Search Engines are excluded from indexing the link – read more on comment spam.

If you want to link to content on your blog or website, make sure the comment is relevant to the topic of the article it is posted on, and tell readers why they may like to read your article! If it passes muster, I will be happy to approve the comment, and may even recommend your article.

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