About GraphiclineWeb

About GraphiclineWeb

About GraphiclineWeb:green info sign

This blog is about technology. Written in language that is hopefully easily understood by the non technically inclined, as well as those for whom technology is ‘mothers milk’.

The author, Mike Otgaar, is the owner of Graphicline Web Management and DTP in South Africa.

The character of GraphiclineWeb has changed!

When I first created this blog, it was intended as:

“Graphicline’s news and information service for clients, prospective customers, followers  and anyone with an interest in web design and technology.

NEWS is where we provide information on our activities and projects,
NEWS is updated regularly and continually.

TECH NOTES is not intended as a web designers resource (There are already thousands of such online reference sources), rather a plain language reference library of primary benefit to clients and other web users. With this goal in mind, we will try to keep terminology references in ‘plain language’ and where the use of tech-terms is necessary, will attempt to provide an explanation of these descriptions. (or a link to an explanation!)

We hope to give our existing, and prospective clients, a tool by which they can gain a better understanding of how their websites work, and what they can do with them.”

Changing for the future:

Regular readers may have noticed a change in the manner we present content in this blog. The more recent articles have been written from an increasingly personal futire next exitperspective. Since restructuring graphicline.co.za using a content management system, several of the functions previously not easily available with the static type site that existed, are now ‘built-in’ to graphicline.co.za.

From now, content intended mainly for customers will be placed in articles and pages on our home site. This does not mean I be ceasing to write for this blog. Just the opposite! Now that GraphiclineWeb is no longer the remit of a primary business orientated ‘news service’  the door has been opened for me to expand the range of material offered.

GraphiclineWeb will remain a WordPress.com blog

It will also remain hosted by wordpress.com! It was myoriginal  intention to use the blog to explore WordPress as a CMS system, and eventually to re-locate the blog to the domain ‘graphicline.co.za’. The increasing popularity of GraphiclineWeb on wordpress.com has been surprising. Views are at an all time high.We seem to have attracted regular readers, who appear to be enjoying the content. So the blog will stay where it is, for now, and into the future. (And one of the reasons is the great blogging community using wordpress.com)

There will no doubt be a degree of crossover information appearing on this blog, as well as on graphicline.co.za, and some of the existing articles will be used on the company website, while some of the articles which will be included on the site, will be re-written for the blog.

Questions, Requests or CommentsQuestion marks

Should you have any specific questions, or perhaps just wish to comment on some content item, complete the form below and please include the full details of your inquiry. We undertake to answer all requests for such information, however please realise it may take us a little time to adequately respond to your request.

We may post any reply on this website rather than sending a private message (your question may well be of benefit to many). Should this be the case, we will notify you of the fact, along with a link to the answer.

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