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News from Graphicline LogoRegularly updated news from our company:

We recently undertook to provide customers, visitors, colleagues and friends with an easily accessed source of information regarding our activities and projects.

Several factors had to be considered: The news feed would have to be easy to maintain and update. It would have to be representative of modern trends in the online community. We wanted some way for readers to leave comments, and to join a subscribers list whereby they can choose to receive notifications of latest postings.

With these criteria in mind, we decided to make use of WordPress Software, and in an interim measure, to host this service on a sub domain of wordpress.com

There were a number of reasons to choose this content management application, and the route for hosting the service;

  1. We wanted first of all to give WordPress a thorough trial before inclusion in our range of website products (In line with Graphicline’s standard policy “If We Haven’t Tested it, We Don’t Sell It”).
  2. Our website http://www.graphicline.co.za is currently receiving a large-scale update and general revamp, and it was simply more convenient to keep the news and info content as a separate entity until much of this work is completed. (It also helps by limiting the amount of new content on the home site which has in recent months become cluttered up with temporary test files, and although these are cleaned up regularly, more are always being loaded and removed). Theres a maxim in technology – the more there is, the more there is to go wrong.
  3. Additionally some technical changes are in the pipeline for graphicline.co.za which will require minor server configuration changes. While no problems are expected when this procedure is undertaken,  we prefer to take no chances, and should we need to take the site offline for any time at all, want to at least keep this service running so we can provide updates on the progress
  4. Finally, We anticipate by the time the overhaul is completed,  Graphiclineweb News and Info will be quite large in its own content.

However, once we are satisfied we have made the correct choice in the technologies, and our home site is ready, we will transfer Graphiclineweb to fall within graphicline.co.za

Work in Progress Advisories

In several places throughout graphicline.co.za, and graphiclineweb, you may Under Construction Noticecome across a this graphic “Website Under Construction”. We use these wherever we are working on live pages, and where pages with partial or temporary content have been created (often to allow us to set up links to planned content).

Sometimes this image will be large, indicating the entire page or section is at a very early stage. Where only some content or technical considerations need finishing, the graphic will be much smaller.

There is more to Graphiclineweb than just company news

We have for some time promised to provide a section of information for viewers, and since we began this news feed, started incorporating this material into “Tech Notes”

Tech Notes will feature web and IT related items; discussions, explanations, and eventually, product tests and reviews. Information concerning DTP, Design and Repro will be placed in a separate forum.

We trust Graphiclineweb will be a useful and interesting resource, and look forward to your comments. Please share this resource among your Social Networking friends. The more comments and site friends we get, the better we can make this site

Enjoy the ‘News’ – Mike Otgaar (Owner of Graphicline, graphicline.co.za, and this news blog)


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