DTP Samples

DTP Samples

DTP Samples & Examples:

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In the beginning Graphicline was a desktop publishing service. Nothing more, nothing less. That was what we did.

Some samples and examples of dtp production work undertkaen over the years can be found at http://www.graphicline.co.za/gallery_1.html. Graphicline produced DTP for Adverts, Books, Calendars, Catalogues, Large Format Print, Diaries and provided Pre-Pres Services for overload work and agencies.

DTP Service Availability Limited:

Early in 2011, I was encouraged to add web building services to  Graphicline’s stable of products. Along with the evolution of this service, I discovered I could better utilise my primary talents for technology, product development and business management in this sector. Around the middle of the year, a decision was made to refocus Graphicline into this field.

From June 2011, Graphicline was no longer actively looking for new dtp service customers, but continued to undertake dtp on behalf of existing clients. These customers, who have supported Graphicline, and had been loyal to me rather than any company name, continued to receive the same quality and level of service they became used to.

DTP Service Terminated.

1 February 2012: Al DTP services have been suspended as of today. (Desktop Publishing Services – Discontinued)

All existing customers were matched with a new DTP service provider they were comfortable using.

DIARIES for New SMME Start Up

Our diary repro and production service has been handed over to a new SME start-up enterprise. DiarySmith will continue a re-focused specialist diary service for Southern African diaries.  Graphicline will provide a web presence for this new venture, initially with a dedicated section of our main website to give this entrepreneur the full benefit of our strongly indexed website during the difficult start-up phase of his business. Ultimately we will create and support a dedicated website for DiarySmith.


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