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We guaranty that material supplied for printing will be in the correct format, and press-ready:

Printers will not have to undertake time-consuming work to prepare our material for their presses.

Material will be correctly formatted, as X1a or X3a PDF’s (or as specifically requested), and will not include any non-compliant content such as OPI information.

All Adobe Workflow:

Graphicline uses only Adobe Design and Production Software in the workflow process. In the past we accepted material from clients in other formats, including Freehand, Corel and Quark. As of this year, we no longer accept work in these formats.

All In-House:

All DTP/Repro is undertaken in-house, by Graphicline’s owner Mike Otgaar, or under his personal supervision. to maintain our quality standards we do not sub-contract this process out to associates.


Our rates are market related towards the top end of the scale; we do not provide a ‘cheap’ service. Customers not willing to pay our prices are free to seek other dtp services, and put up with poor workmanship.

Online Service:

Graphicline is moving towards an ‘all-online’ service. We do not accept orders or instructions placed telephonically or verbally.  all orders and work instruction is only accepted by e-mail, or fax or other written directives. In the upcoming period we will be introducing web-based work ordering and other facilities.

File transfer:

We presently make use of an independent online file box able to accept files up to 2GB in total. Towards the end of this year, a service will be introduced on our website www.graphicline.co.za. To prevent spam and other junk from filling our online file boxes, the required log-in details are only provided to customers when needed.

Related Services:

Within the ambit of our DTP services, we offer several related services; Proofreading, Copy Editing and Correction, and Translation. These are provided by our associate, Intelligent Verbatim

 Availability for work:

At present and for the forseeable future, Graphicline’s DTP services will be limited in availablity; Follow this link to find out more about this subject!

Mike Otgaar


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