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Bringing Back Old WordPress

Going Back to WordPress 3.8 is Easy

Do you hate the latest version of WordPress? Sick of the horrible visual mode editor, lost your favourite advanced editor? Detest the new image manager?

A know a lot of people who are, who cannot live with the new things WP4 has brought along. People who are so desperate to have functional content editing tools they were thinking of switching platforms. Some of these people are my clients! In fact most of my clients have been complaining since WordPress 3.9 arrived, wanting their easy to use tools back.

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Wishing For Spam Free Hosting

Are You Wishing For Spam Free Secure Hosting

Do you wish you could host your WordPress blog (self-hosted) where spam wasn’t a problem, where hackers couldn’t damage your site, where your host took effective steps to keep spammers and hackers away from your blog?

Are you fed-up with all the spam and hacker attacks from China, the former Soviet states and other notorious regions, the sharply rising level of cyber-attacks from the middle east and northern Africa?

Are all the hacking attacks and login attacks from hacked web sites and bad-host web-servers giving you grey hairs?

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Mandela Ribbon for WordPress

Honour Nelson Mandela with a Website Ribbon

Honour Nelson Mandela with a remembrance ribbon on your WordPress blog. When I heard the sad news today I wanted to show my condolences on my WordPress sites, so knocked up a couple of plugins to put a ribbon in the top right corner of the sites.

Download Your Mandela Ribbon Plugin

There are 2 versions of the ribbon. One shows an English message, while the other is in Mandela’s home language – Xhosa (plugin code is in English)

Download from

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Fewer TimThumb Attacks

Are We Seeing an End to Timthumb Attacks on WordPress?

fewer timthumb attacks thumbnail imageLately we have seen a decline in the number of TimThumb RFI attacks against our WordPress sites. A year ago this was the most common hacking probe logged for every WordPress site we manage. Back then we’d see a lot; from 10 to 50, sometimes more, different sources a day. Hardly a day would go by without at least one hacker looking for the vulnerability.

Over the last 6 months, the number of witnessed attempts has declined. Sometimes we don’t see a single probe looking for the old, vulnerable, timthumb.php / thumb.php script for several days.

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WordPress Ajax Problems

WordPress Image Manager Freezes

I’m finding lately the WordPress image manager overlay often freezes when used to insert images in posts or pages. It’s annoying as the only way to get back to the article is to refresh the page – usually losing anything written since the last auto save or manual save.

ajax loader animated isonIt seems like an Ajax bug – at least from the number of Ajax errors in the logs. It’s recent as well – I don’t remember this ever happening before the WordPress 3.6 update. I’m getting this on most of the WordPress sites I edit, and have client’s reporting the same problem.

This isn’t a plugin conflict – how can I be so sure. Well, it also happens on – this blog too… And as we all know, we don’t add plugins here, and everything is supposedly tested to work before being rolled out on the platform.

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Plugin Accepted by WordPress

First Plugin Accepted by

first wordpress plugin iconI had some good news today; my first plugin submitted to got accepted and is now in the repository.

It’s only a very simple plugin that adds rel=”nofollow” to tag cloud widgets, but it feels good to contribute something to the community. Of course, it also feels good to see my .org identity listed under the plugin 🙂

And here’s the link to the repository

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wordpress security alert banner image

Security alert for all WordPress users. New activity by a botnet attacking WordPress Installations.

This botnet is working alongside hacked WordPress sites to attack further WordPress installations. There are already thousands of hacked WordPress sites participating in this attack.

– See more at:

Graphicline WordPress Hosting Faster

Graphicline WordPress Hosting Faster than HostGator

Our client’s WordPress site,, gained a significant speed improvement after moving hosting from Hostgator to our hosting service – Graphicline Fully Managed WordPress Hosting.

The chart shows the much faster page load speeds. The red graph line is the site speed on Hostgator, the green line is page speed since moving the site to Graphicline WordPress Hosting.

graphicline hosting faster than hostgator speed chart

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WordPress Spam Registrations

A Bunch of Spam Registrations

I’m getting a lot of spam registrations for a WordPress site. Interesting thing is; I’ve only allowed user registrations for about 5 days, but have had subscribe to new posts forms all over the site for ages.

A normal person would think anyone wanting to subscribe to post/page updates would use one of the convenient subscription forms. But no, it seems they want to register accounts 🙂

The other interesting thing is, the only links to the registration/login forms are from a very small forum section, literally less than a handful of pages. So how are these users finding the form?

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Nofollowing Tag Cloud Links

A Plugin to Nofollow WordPress Tag Cloud Widget Links

nofollow tag cloud links featured imageSomething about Tag Cloud widgets has always bugged me. They are great for visitors; a very useful navigation feature and convenient to use. But all those links sharing page value…

And a lot of that value goes nowhere – my tag pages are noindexed for search engines to avoid content duplication issues. So why not nofollow the links from tag clouds and get a bit more page juice.

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