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Apple Touch Icon Precomposed Not Found

Apple Touch Icon 404 Errors

Are you seeing 404 errors for a range of image files called apple-touch-icon.png and apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png with a range of size attributes and wondering where these are coming from?

No, it’s not a WordPress plugin conflict or bug as some ‘Pressers have believed. It’s bad behaviour by Apple devices – iPhones and iPads. These devices look for these dedicated icons by default, instead of looking for the apple-icon link in page header, and using the normal favicon if the link isn’t found. It’s annoying, unnecessary, and easily resolved (and a waste of valuable time).

The issue becomes more complicated as Apple devices now look for a range of icons in several sizes

With the iPad (3rd generation) there are now four icon sizes 57×57, 72×72, 114×114, 144×144.

Because retina icons are exactly double the size of the standard icons we really only need to make 2 icons: 114 x 114 and 144 x 144. By setting the retina sized icon to the corresponding standard icon iOS will scale them accordingly.

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iTunes Connects to Store on Startup

iTunes Connects to iTunes Store even if Disabled

iTunesiTunes connects automatically to iTunes Store, EVEN IF STORE IS DISABLED IN PARENTAL CONTROLS! This automatic connection to the iTunes Store cannot be prevented. There is only one solution – get a pre-iTunes Store installer if you can find one!

Has Apple realised the majority of the market they are interested in has always-on internet connections, and taken the opportunity to spy on our media habits? Is it just a way of gathering statistics about the number of users of the application? Whatever the reason, it is not acceptable without a statement from Apple as to the reason iTunes tries to connect to the Store every time it starts.

How many iTunes users with always-on internet connections are even aware that every time they start iTunes, the app connects to the iTunes store. The first time you will know there is something going on under the scenes is when you are not connected to the net, and start iTunes; a pop-up box tells you iTunes cannot connect to the iTunes Store.

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Apple Mac Not Immune to Malware

Apple Macs do get Malware

Macs get worms tooHow often do we still hear Mac users blithely proclaiming they have no need for Anti Virus software because Macs don’t get viruses. Well Mac users, those days are gone for good, if they ever existed at all.

The fact that what some regard as the world’s first virus, “Elk Cloner”, was a Mac virus seems to have exited people’s minds.

The hardness of Mac’s Unix core operating system perhaps makes it more difficult for malicious persons to write viruses and trojans for Macs. Also in the old days Mac users were a very small group of computers users, mainly professionals involved in the print and graphics industries, not a big enough target for virus creators to spend their time on.

Mac users have been complacent, secure in the expectation their systems are safe;  At one time I was one of them. I used Macs for years with no AV software installed.

Recent Mac Viruses

Only a few months ago, MacDefender Tojan Horse was happily infecting Macs around the world, and just today, an article from Sophos Naked Security highlights another Mac trojan, OSX/Revir-B.

These Mac Trojans are not however the end of the story. Consider all the file sharing between Mac and Windows users in the commercial world.

Macs can give Window Malware

Is it safe to use Macs with no AV softwareHow often do files get transferred from Mac to Windows platforms. How often do vulnerable removable drives get used to transfer these files.

Here is an example:
User A prepares work on a Mac. User A has no Anti Virus software because Macs are immune! Unknown to user A, a visit to a website has installed a Windows virus or trojan in a Word or Excel file. User A sends the file to user B, a Windows user. User B’s PC gets infected!

Or another example;
User A gets an e-mail containing malware and forwards it to User B. Once again User B’s PC gets infected.

Mac Users, break the malware chain, get your Macs protected. The days of Mac immunity to malware are gone for ever.

iCloud from Apple

iCloud logoiCloud from Apple:

Steve Jobs announced the anticipated release of Apple’s iCloud today.

Once again, Apple set the trend in the IT world, this time with a bulk online storage facility, which Apple claims will seamlessly integrate into  Apple devices and applications:

  • iOS5 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • iTunes (still the only player I use regularly – all the time)

iCloud provides online storage for 5GB of documents and personal files, IN ADDITION to purchased iTunes music, apps and books.

iCloud will work with both Apple OS X and Windows!

What a Pleasure! Now if only us online users down here at the bottom of Africa had DECENT and AFFORDABLE internet bandwidth a and unlimited data traffic to make use of such services…

And I really want one of those new G5 MAc Pros….

Reviewed: JJ Design

Company Review Graphic TextEvery now and again Graphicline will be providing a review of Companies and Freelancers we do business with. Here is the first of these:

Company Review: JJ DesignJJ Design Logo

JJ Design, an authorised supplier of Apple Mac systems and support to the professional user.

Apple Authorised Reseller

Based in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, South Africa, JJ Design is run by its owner John Watson.

JJ Design provides a superlative and personalised service to their clients. From pre-sales, installation to after sales support, it is hard to find fault with their practice.

Our involvement with JJ Design and John began in 2000, when I (Mike Otgaar) and two other colleagues were creating Sentient Publishing. John supplied our first Apple Mac, a G4, and the software we required. In those days Macs were still running OS 9, (not my favourite OS) and our creative colleague made innumerable calls for support to John. These were ALWAYS responded to in a prompt, friendly and highly competent manner (And he’s fees were very reasonable too).

By 2005 OS 10 had been released, and I was keen to upgrade. John however advised me to wait until a second or third release was available. (Most systems suppliers will say yes, buy it now, and gloat over their new bank balance!) John, he prefers to be honest with his clients.

At the end of 2005, we (Sentient Publishing) acquired a Mac G5. Of course the first and only choice of supplier was JJ Design.

So after 10 years of business association, I can only recommend JJ Design to any prospective buyer of Apple Mac for professional use – or anyone else for that matter.

On a scale of one to 10, JJ Design must be given a 10.

Keep up the good work John, many may aspire, few will approach this level.

JJ Design can be found at

Mike Otgaar

Phishing Apples – Latest Trojan Attacks:

Phishing Apples – Latest Trojan Attacks:Black apple with Bite

This might well be the first real security threat that OS X has seen.

A new version of the previously identified MAC Defender malware. The new variant, just like the previously identified “Mac Security” version, is an updated version of the original malware, re-branded as “Mac Protector.”

Has Apple Mac finally come of age? Sad but true; the rise in popularity of Macs among day to day consumers would inevitably result in ill-intentioned persons targeting Mac OS X.

Even sadder, all professional Mac users will eventually have no alternative but to install performance hogging malware protection software. No doubt the Anti Virus Software Companies will be laughing all the way to the bank!

At least Mac users have the benefit of hardware and an operating system that caters for up to 64GB RAM. (Windows users with 4GB RAM* as standard please cry outside). And a memory management system that efficiently allocates RAM to applications, and doesn’t need a restart to clear the allocation when the application is ended!

*(For all the Windows based PC users drooling with envy at the thought of more than 4GB RAM, Graphicline offers an exclusive range of Top-End Windows Workstations, all with a minimum of 16GB of RAM, dual 4 core or XEON CPU’s. Custom built to order only, and only available in South Africa).

Mike Otgaar