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Company Reviews are based on business relationship experienced by Graphicline or it’s owner Mike Otgaar.

Roubaix Ovh Systems

Roubaix Ovh Systems – Most Dangerous Host?

ovh systems france graphic

Is Roubaix Ovh Systems, a hosting and Internet Service Provider in France, one of the most dangerous ISPs and hosts in the world? We could be justified in thinking so. At least out of ISPs and hosting companies in the Western economic zone, outside of former Soviet Union states.

When you see a spambot active on your site, a hacking attempt, or a trackback spammer, there’s a pretty good chance it’s coming from an IP registered to Roubaix Ovh Systems, or another Ovh Systems IP.

Roubaix Ovh Systems Banned on Sight

We (Graphicline Web & Technology) have seen so much bad activity from IPs traced back to Roubaix Ovh Systems we now ban all their IPs as soon as I find them. Activity from all other OVH Systems networks are watched carefully

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13 Second Page Load Acceptable

New WordPress Site Loads in 13 Seconds

GoDaddy LogoI read a forum article the other day where a web site developer mentioned 13 seconds to load the front page for a new WordPress (self hosted) site was ‘acceptable’. The developer compared this to another build taking 18 seconds to load that he considered unacceptable.

Anyone who has installed a new, clean WordPress website will know the brand new front page has very little content to slow down a page load – all the time is used by the server reading from the database. I must question the knowledge of any website developer who finds thirteen seconds to load this clean install front page acceptable. Five seconds are pushing things already, less than two is acceptable!

If the server takes so long to read a database consisting of no more than a fresh WordPress installation, a single short page and a welcome post message, how long is it going to take to serve pages to visitors once there are 50 posts, 100 posts, 1000 posts?

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Reviewed: JJ Design

Company Review Graphic TextEvery now and again Graphicline will be providing a review of Companies and Freelancers we do business with. Here is the first of these:

Company Review: JJ DesignJJ Design Logo

JJ Design, an authorised supplier of Apple Mac systems and support to the professional user.

Apple Authorised Reseller

Based in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, South Africa, JJ Design is run by its owner John Watson.

JJ Design provides a superlative and personalised service to their clients. From pre-sales, installation to after sales support, it is hard to find fault with their practice.

Our involvement with JJ Design and John began in 2000, when I (Mike Otgaar) and two other colleagues were creating Sentient Publishing. John supplied our first Apple Mac, a G4, and the software we required. In those days Macs were still running OS 9, (not my favourite OS) and our creative colleague made innumerable calls for support to John. These were ALWAYS responded to in a prompt, friendly and highly competent manner (And he’s fees were very reasonable too).

By 2005 OS 10 had been released, and I was keen to upgrade. John however advised me to wait until a second or third release was available. (Most systems suppliers will say yes, buy it now, and gloat over their new bank balance!) John, he prefers to be honest with his clients.

At the end of 2005, we (Sentient Publishing) acquired a Mac G5. Of course the first and only choice of supplier was JJ Design.

So after 10 years of business association, I can only recommend JJ Design to any prospective buyer of Apple Mac for professional use – or anyone else for that matter.

On a scale of one to 10, JJ Design must be given a 10.

Keep up the good work John, many may aspire, few will approach this level.

JJ Design can be found at

Mike Otgaar