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Pay Up or Lock Down

The End of Google Search Relevancy

This article is now available here The End of Google Search Relevancy

The End of Google Search Relevancy

Bringing Back Old WordPress

Going Back to WordPress 3.8 is Easy

Do you hate the latest version of WordPress? Sick of the horrible visual mode editor, lost your favourite advanced editor? Detest the new image manager?

Before you start reverting your installation, you must first do some essential things.

  1. Backup your database and save to you desktop or somewhere safe
  2. Backup all your files including the old WordPress files
  3. Download a copy of WordPress 3.8.5 from the WordPress Release Archive

Once you’ve done these things you are ready to start work. Read more.

Bringing Back Old WordPress

Microsofts Struggling Search Engine Bing

“For Microsoft, any limits imposed on Google might help it improve the fortunes of its struggling search engine, Bing.”

While Nick and Eric’s article is more about Google than Bing, the statement does make us think about Bing as a search engine…

For the average web searcher Bing, along with the sister Microsoft search engines Yahoo and Search MSN, provides a poor experience to internet users.

Right now Bing does not provide a good user experience – until it does this search engine is doomed to fail, no matter what efforts MS tries using lawyers to attack Google.

Microsofts Struggling Search Engine Bing

Wishing For Spam Free Hosting

Are You Wishing For Spam Free Secure Hosting

Do you wish you could host your WordPress blog (self-hosted) where spam wasn’t a problem, where hackers couldn’t damage your site, where your host took effective steps to keep spammers and hackers away from your blog?

Are you fed-up with all the spam and hacker attacks from China, the former Soviet states and other notorious regions, the sharply rising level of cyber-attacks from the middle east and northern Africa?

Are all the hacking attacks and login attacks from hacked web sites and bad-host web-servers giving you grey hairs?

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Ban Web Server Traffic

Web Server Traffic Should be Banned

Opinions will differ about putting a ban on web server traffic. There are those who want their blogs and websites free from malicious activity, safe and secure for genuine valuable visitors. Then there are those who think there should be no restrictions on web traffic and activity (some even think spam is not bad).

image for ban web server articleLet’s clarify the web traffic we’re talking about. We’re not talking of banning referrer traffic i.e. traffic from good back-links from websites resulting in genuine visitors.

We are talking about banning traffic generated by other websites loading your files, including scripts and images, as if you are providing a free CDN for these sites.

We are talking about banning web servers that are hosting the multitude of useless, malicious and spy bots that have seen a growth boom in the last few years. We are talking of banning web server traffic where websites are used by hackers and botnets trying to inject malicious scripts to your site… Read more

Ban Web Server Traffic

Few Updates Recently

Few Updates for Several Months

Regular readers of this blog may be wondering why there’s been so few new posts in the past several months…

The reasons for our tardiness are two-fold: First of all I’ve been relocating my home and business to Aston Bay in the Eastern Cape. Secondly – blame the latest versions of WordPress, and above all the new text editor.

Let’s just say the move went well, preparations and everything, falling into place until it actually happened. Then the proverbial manure hit the fan…

Then our internet connection had issues. Oh, it worked, but we spent more on internet data than we would normally do in a YEAR…

But that’s only a small part of the reason we’ve not published new content for some time… Read More

Few Updates Recently

Office 2003 Accept Licence Nag

Office 2003 Asking to Accept Licence on Start-up on Win 7

Microsoft Office 2003 keeps asking you to accept the licence conditions when installed on a Windows 7 or 8 operating system. Even though you’ve clicked the acceptance button this nag message keeps appearing. It’s annoying, but not the end of the world.

The licence acceptance nag message keeps popping up because of the way Win 7 handles “User Access Rights”, or more accurately, the fact Office 2003 isn’t compatible with Win 7 user access rights.

It can be fixed, usually quite easily. This is the way I found to stop the Office 2003 accept licence nag message on Win 7/8. This should always be the preferred  method to stop the licence nag message in Windows 7 and 8 and the alternative. The other way requires editing the registry and/or some application files… Read More

Office 2003 Accept Licence Nag

Google Bounce Rate Value

Does Google Bounce Rate Analytic Have Any Real Value

SEO experts tell us a low bounce rate is important for site ranking in Google SERP. Bounce rate is an indicator of quality content on our blogs and websites. The lower the bounce rate, the better our sites will rank…

Google Analytics shows a bounce rate statistic for our sites. Just how accurate is this analytic statistic, how much credence should we give it?

What is Bounce Rate?

Simply put, bounce rate is the ratio between visitors arriving on our site and viewing more than one page to the number of arriving visitors who leave immediately. If we have a high percent of visitors who stay around to read more than one post we can assume they found our blog useful and interesting. Read More

Google Bounce Rate Value

Htaccess Site Speed Impact

Does the .htaccess File Slow Site Performance

Bloggers often ask the question “does using .htaccess for security or redirection slow down the site”? The answer should perhaps not be a simple yes or no. Some hosts recommend .htaccess should not be too large as it has a bad impact on performance. Some users have very long lists of rules in their .htaccess files and their sites are still fast enough to satisfy visitors and accepted Google page load speeds.

We need to weigh the benefits of using .htaccess for security, redirection and site configuration against any performance penalties (or advantages). Once we understand how .htaccess works on our blogs we can make the decision how we will this extremely useful file. Read more.

Htaccess Site Speed Impact