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MeMeI am the author of this blog, GraphiclineWeb.

Readers will no doubt think I’m a techno-geek. Almost right. Really I’m just a simple-minded fisherman who would rather spend my time with a line in the water, sitting on a boat, the beach or clambering over rocks to get to that elusive meal…

The tech geek stuff is what I do when I cannot fish. which unfortunately is most of the time.

Website Builder:

In mid December 2001 I had my arm twisted and became a website builder. Literally thrown in the deep end to get a busy but broken HTML website back up and running. That took care of the holiday season that year, and a totally rebuilt HTML site was live and working before the end of the year.

My favourite web systems; HTML, Drupal and WordPress. The least favourite; Microsoft.Net (good luck to you aficionados – one .net site was more than enough). I enjoy the ability to create graphic intensive smaller websites using static HTML, although today content managed sites are in higher demand and are definitely the way to go for a large percentage of websites. Since day one Dreamweaver is my tool of choice for these sites – the only application I will use in fact.

Drupal logoWordPress CMSDrupal or WordPress; both are great systems. I’m always hearing how difficult Drupal is to use. Funny thing, I find some things easier to do in Drupal than in WordPress – e.g. under the hood workings, persuading the system to not change or remove code from content input via a WYSIWYG editor, and getting into the actual system. WordPress however has a much more friendly interface – the biggest problem is finding plugins that work reliably… There are a lot of junk ones available.

My Background

Somehow I seem to have spent a lot of my time in tech fields, starting with becoming a Radio Ham way back when. This led into the RF communication field in technical and design work. Later on I changed direction somewhat, and started a general maintenance business (technical again you see). Then in the early 1990’s I discovered the joys of commercial line fishing, and was hooked for life… (hook, line and sinker!)

Let’s just say the industry back home is finished for a small operator and leave it at that – these days I fish for pleasure only.

After that came the web stuff, as well as managing an advertising publishing business from 2003 to 2009.

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