Ban Web Server Traffic

Web Server Traffic Should be Banned

Opinions will differ about putting a ban on web server traffic. There are those who want their blogs and websites free from malicious activity, safe and secure for genuine valuable visitors. Then there are those who think there should be no restrictions on web traffic and activity (some even think spam is not bad).

image for ban web server articleLet’s clarify the web traffic we’re talking about. We’re not talking of banning referrer traffic i.e. traffic from good back-links from websites resulting in genuine visitors.

We are talking about banning traffic generated by other websites loading your files, including scripts and images, as if you are providing a free CDN for these sites.

We are talking about banning web servers that are hosting the multitude of useless, malicious and spy bots that have seen a growth boom in the last few years. We are talking of banning web server traffic where websites are used by hackers and botnets trying to inject malicious scripts to your site… Read more

Ban Web Server Traffic

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