Few Updates Recently

Few Updates for Several Months

Regular readers of this blog may be wondering why there’s been so few new posts in the past several months…

The reasons for our tardiness are two-fold: First of all I’ve been relocating my home and business to Aston Bay in the Eastern Cape. Secondly – blame the latest versions of WordPress, and above all the new text editor (TinyMCE 4.*).

Relocation Blues

Let’s just say the move went well, preparations and everything, falling into place until it actually happened. Then the proverbial manure hit the fan. Moving truck delays for several weeks, extensive damage to furniture and goods,  missing items…

Then the cherry on top – our internet connection had issues. Oh, it worked OK, but after being re-assured by the service provider our contracted package was good for the new location, it turned out it wasn’t – and we were paying “out-of-bundle” rates.

In the few weeks it took to arrange for a new internet connection with another service provider (Euro-zone and USA readers may puzzle over this – here in sunny SA these things take time, especially where we are now located outside a major city), we spent more on internet data than we would normally do in a YEAR… And we only used the barest minimum data traffic to look after our client’s urgent needs.

But that’s only a small part of the reason we’ve not published new content for some time – after all, the move only took place in the last 2 months, and we’ve posted very little in the last 4 months…

The really big reason is

Using WordPress has Become an Unpleasant Chore

Publishing web content with WordPress is no longer a pleasure. WordPress is no longer a pleasure to use.

The most used Open Source CMS, both WordPress.com and WordPress.org (self-hosted) in it’s latest incarnation is simply put “nasty” to use to write and edit content. This of course is the fault of the pathetic text editor, TinyMCE version 4, which was forced down our throats with WordPress 3.9

TinyMCE 4

How the WordPress “Powers That Be” decided to incorporate this very under-developed WYSIWYG editor into what was the best CMS for web authors is beyond understanding. TinyMCE 4 belongs on a Smart-Phone App at best, at least until it’s been properly developed, and contributors have included all the options available with v3. It’s the poorest WYSIWYG editor for web content editing. But then many (if not all) of Matt M’s (Mr WordPress) influence in recent times have been poorly conceived.

NiceEdit is better. CK editor is a lot better… TinyMCE3 is the best of the bunch. But do we get a better editor? No, we get the worst one available today, TinyMCE version 4.

TinyMCE 4 looks awful too – the cr@%£y looking buttons are just too vague to encourage one to like this junk WYSIWYG editor.

Intensely Dislike Writing with WordPress

There you go readers, I simply dislike writing with WordPress now – I have to use it to some extent when editing client’s sites (those ones that haven’t been reverted back to the WP 3.8 version anyway. But only to some extent.

The way I now work on editing customer’s content is:

Copy and paste the HTML to an off-line editor (WordPress 3.8, TinyMCE 3.* with all the bells and whistles, finish editing, copy and paste back to the customer site. What a chore!

So – I really don’t want to write for myself using this darn-awful text editor… Even here on WordPress.com where there’s not that much difference between the old and the new. I still see TinyMCE4. Urghhhhhh

I’ve got such a zig to TinyMCE4 I’m really thinking of scraping this blog, moving al the content to one of my own sites, or even a new site using DRUPAL or JOOMLA – where I can choose the WYSIWYG editor I want to use, not be forced to have a grotty editor installed without the ability to change it.

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