Office 2003 Accept Licence Nag

Office 2003 Asking to Accept Licence on Start-up on Win 7

Microsoft Office 2003 keeps asking you to accept the licence conditions when installed on a Windows 7 or 8 operating system. Even though you’ve clicked the acceptance button this nag message keeps appearing. It’s annoying, but not the end of the world.

It can be fixed, usually quite easily. This is the way I found to stop the Office 2003 accept licence nag message on Win 7/8. This should always be the preferred  method to stop the licence nag message in Windows 7 and 8 and the alternative. The other way requires editing the registry and/or some application files.

The Reason for the Nag Message.

The licence acceptance nag message keeps popping up because of the way Win 7 handles “User Access Rights”, or more accurately, the fact Office 2003 isn’t compatible with Win 7 user access rights.

Problems of this nature are seen with older applications not written for Win 7.

Stop MS Office 2003 on Windows 7 Licence Message

The first thing to try in order to stop the MS Ofice 2003 accept license nag message on Win 7 is run each MS Office 2003 application “as administrator”.

Go to the Win 7 Start Menu and find the Microsoft Office 2003 application short-cuts. Right click on an application (e.g. Microsoft Office Word 2003) and select Properties from the options menu to open the properties dialogue box.

Select Compatibility from the tabbed menu options

At the bottom of the screen under Privilege Level there’s a check-box named “Run the program as an administrator”. Tick this box, click apply and then OK.

Open the application from the start-menu, and accept the licence if it asks you to do so again, then close the program. Open the MS Office 2003 program again. The licence acceptance nag screen should no longer load.

NOTE: Windows 7 will ask if you want to allow the program to make changes to your PC. Let it do so. It will do this every time you open the program, but we will sort that out just now.

Repeat these steps for all Office 2003 Programs

Now repeat these steps for each Office 2003 installed on Win 7, then reboot your PC.

Test the Office 2003 programs to check that the licence nag message is no longer loading.

image of office 2003 win 7 start menu

windows 7 run as administrator options screen image

Stop Windows Asking If You Want to Allow The Program to Make Changes

Now we’ve sorted out the nag message, we want to stop Windows 7 asking if we want to allow the Office 2003 program to make changes to the system.

To do this, just go back to the first and second steps. This time uncheck the option to run as administrator and save the settings.

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