Pest Bot – nuisance bot calls itself “Uptime Management Software for Hosting Providers, SaaS Providers, IT Managers, and Website Owners”.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with the idea. If your website is critical to your business it’s not a bad thing to get alerted if or when your site is offline.

But Did You Subscribe to monitoring service allows other people to monitor your website! That’s right, you don’t have to sign up for their service for your domain to be monitored. This means a business competitor can monitor your website status without your permission!

Ask yourself this – do you really want unknown persons or companies keeping track of your website? I know I don’t!

How to Tell if is Monitoring Your Website pest bot featured imageFinding out if is monitoring your domain is as easy as looking in your server visitor records. Look for the user agent – if you see this user agent then you know your site is in Panopta’s list of monitored sites. claims you can have your domain removed from their checklist. All you need to do is send an e-mail to (assuming you can find this information on their website) and they will stop monitoring your domain.

To remove your site from of our system – just send an email with your domain name and any subdomains or aliases to to request this.

Sounds OK doesn’t it? Feel free to try the opt-out process, if it works for you well and good and we’ll be glad to know it worked for you.

Panopta Ignores Opt-out Requests

We requested to stop their bot from visiting 3 domains and another 2 sub-domains. using the hard to find e-mail opt-out form on their website. Within a couple of days a reply was received informing us the domains were removed, and the bot would not visit the sites again.

Well, guess what – every 30 odd minutes still comes visiting. So it looks like it’s a waste of time requesting the opt-out. Traffic Levels

According to Panopta website, the bot checks domains about every 60 seconds. Fortunately, what we’ve seen is this pest bot hit our sites at about 30 minute intervals. Once in 30 minutes is not excessive, and the bot only gets the homepage / domain. Except we never wanted the sites monitored, so any it is a waste of resources.

We banned the bot servers IP’s ( , , a long time back. You’d think they would have given up getting a 403 access denied response by now, but no, every 30 minutes or so it hits the domains again. I really hope someone is wasting a lot of money and is also getting e-mails every 30 minutes letting them know the monitoring bot was not allowed to access the site…


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    Thanks a lot sir

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