GIMP Gone from Sourceforge

GIMP Download Moved from Sourceforge to

gimp gone from sourceforge thumbnailThe GIMP Windows installer package download was removed from Sourceforge by the developers of the software. Citing the recent changes made by Sourceforge where their own so-called “installer” package is pushed in visitors faces, GIMP announced they could not expose GIMP users to this practice.

The GIMP is available directly from and this is the only download anyone looking the application should use now.

Unwanted Applications in Sourceforge Installer

The crux of the matter is the third-party software packages sometimes bundled with the sourceforge installer, and the large in your face buttons linking to other software, including the Sourceforge installer.

It’s a common and despicable practice for download sites to bundle junk software with “installer” programs. Some of the installer apps are loaded with what we consider “malware”, usually browser hijackers but sometimes worse. In our opinion, any software installed without the user’s consent, especially if installed by default, is malware!

We are not saying that Sourceforge has followed this route. We are saying adding ANY other software in another application is bad news for the down-loader. We strongly believe anyone downloading an app must get only what they expect.

It’s fine if the information on the download pages clearly indicates the contents of the package, and this is where we also have a problem with Sourceforge – The big, very visible download buttons lead only to the unwanted packages.

It actually takes effort to find the download link for wanted software. – the link to the wanted application is usually a small text link – hardly noticed with the big 2download now” buttons. We wonder how many people have looked for an application, the GIMP or another installer on Sourceforge recently, and clicked one of those glaring buttons.

Worse yet – how many unsuspecting users have then run the installer, expecting the application they wanted – only to have other rubbish installed on their system.

Behaviour like this can give Open Source applications a bad name.

GIMP Applauded for Removing App from Sourceforge

We applaud the developers at for taking down the download, and now providing a safe, trustworthy download option on their own website. There are other download mirrors located in strategic regions.

Considering the diligence shown by to remove the package from what they considered a bad site, users can be more confident the downloads from the mirrors are clean and safe to use

Free Open Source Image Editor

The free open source image editor – Gnu Image Manipulation Program – an open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop has a strong following of users preferring open source technology. It’s available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

I’ve used GIMP in the past. It may not be as smooth as Photoshop to use, although only Photoshop users will notice. But it has nearly everything Photoshop offers. I find the GIMP useful to install on 2nd PC’s (using Photoshop on more than 1 machine is a license infringement). It’s by far the best open source free image-editor available.

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