WordPress Ajax Problems

WordPress Image Manager Freezes

I’m finding lately the WordPress image manager overlay often freezes when used to insert images in posts or pages. It’s annoying as the only way to get back to the article is to refresh the page – usually losing anything written since the last auto save or manual save.

ajax loader animated isonIt seems like an Ajax bug – at least from the number of Ajax errors in the logs. It’s recent as well – I don’t remember this ever happening before the WordPress 3.6 update. I’m getting this on most of the WordPress sites I edit, and have client’s reporting the same problem.

This isn’t a plugin conflict – how can I be so sure. Well, it also happens on WordPress.com – this blog too… And as we all know, we don’t add plugins here, and everything is supposedly tested to work before being rolled out on the platform.

Read the full article at tech.graphicline.co.za/wordpress-image-manager-freezing


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  1. Hi Mike,
    One of my wordpress site has a ajax loading issue in the add listing page.

    After selecting country state and city, ajax is still trying to load something.
    It has to stop after selection of city but is showing loader sign after city selection.

    I don’t know the reason that might have caused this error.

    I added this ajax mod in my child theme.
    This mod works perfectly on my other site but fails on my other site.

    your help in this regard would be most appreciated.


    • PosPossibly it’s a server resource issue… Look for 5** type errors in the activity log (CPanel).

      Otherwise – could you provide some more info

      • Link to site
      • Theme used
      • “Listings” Sounds like a real estate or e-commerce site?
      • Are both sites on same server?
      • Same WordPress versions?
      • Is the error consistent – all the time or occasional
      • Have you tried another browser – (last 2 Firefox versions seem to have refresh issues)

      It’s a very annoting bug.

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