Server Down – 9 October 2013

International Web Hosting Server Down

The USA based VPS hosting our international client’s and our own site is offline while the engineers attend to the problem.

Problem First Noticed After Midday 9 October 2013

We first noticed a developing problem at around 12h00 GMT when the server become progressively slower to respond to requests.

Later afternoon the VPS was taken offline for the engineers at the GNAX Atlanta data centre to work on the problem.

Status Update 10 October 2013

The problem continues unresolved today. It appears the the problem is not limited to the VPS we use, but to the physical hardware as other virtual servers are also down.

Status Update 10 October 2013 – 14h00 GMT

The servers are up and sites online again. We expect occasional downtime and possible slow performance for the next 12 to 24 hours as work continues.

Possible Attack on Server

It’s too early to advise our clients the reason for the failure, but we cannot rule out the possibility the server came under a heavy DD0S attack.


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