Plugin Accepted by WordPress

First Plugin Accepted by

first wordpress plugin iconI had some good news today; my first plugin submitted to got accepted and is now in the repository.

It’s only a very simple plugin that adds rel=”nofollow” to tag cloud widgets, but it feels good to contribute something to the community. Of course, it also feels good to see my .org identity listed under the plugin đŸ™‚

And here’s the link to the repository

The Best Part  – Someone Downloaded the Plugin

Wow – someone actually downloaded my first WordPress plugin! I wonder if everyone wonders the same thing the first time they submit a plugin; “will anyone use it”?

I’ll of course have to update the pre-release versions on my own and our client sites… For now I’m just enjoying seeing the notification in the WordPress dashboard that there’s an update available – confirmation it’s working as it should.

Uploading the Plugin

The plugin got a good test on several sites before the application was submitted to WordPress. The notification mail arrived, then it was over to the assigned subversion repo.  Blank stare – how does one actually submit the plugin!

As it turned out, a desktop client app was needed to do the upload – TortoiseSVN got downloaded and installed. Then a few minutes figuring out how to use the client. I’ll definitely have to look at the app in more detail some time. At least enable more controls before the next time it’s used.

The worse part of the upload process was the speed; being at the wrong end of an international connection resulted in it taking ages. Maybe I can find something to host on my web server instead. That will be a lot faster – server to server.

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