Graphicline WordPress Hosting Faster

Graphicline WordPress Hosting Faster than HostGator

Our client’s WordPress site,, gained a significant speed improvement after moving hosting from Hostgator to our hosting service – Graphicline Fully Managed WordPress Hosting.

The chart shows the much faster page load speeds. The red graph line is the site speed on Hostgator, the green line is page speed since moving the site to Graphicline WordPress Hosting.

graphicline hosting faster than hostgator speed chart

Similar Hosting Packages with a Big Difference

There are similarities between the hosting plan the client had with HostGator – the entry-level “Baby” package, and the package provided by Graphicline – fully managed WordPress hosting, also the entry level plan we call “basic”.

Both services are shared hosting packages. Both are hosted on servers in the USA. Both have CPanel.

But that’s where the similarities end. The differences between our entry-level package and those offered by most other hosting service providers are shown in the table below.

Comparing HostGator Baby and Graphicline WordPress Basic Hosting
Graphicline Basic HostGator Baby
MySQL Databases 1 Unlimited
Disc Space 2 GB Unlimited
Domains 1 Unlimited
E-mail Accounts 70 Unlimited
Traffic 15GB/m
(Overage not throttled)
Parked Domains No Unlimited
Installer Softaculous Fantastico de luxe
CPanel Yes Yes
CPanel – Ad Free Yes – No Advertising No – Hostgator Ads
Awstats Yes Yes
Latest Visitors 1000 in report 300 in report
Security Fully Managed Security Server only
Monitoring Yes No
Site Management Full No
Server Memory 1GB for domain Not stated
Backups Yes – on and offsite Yes
Price Range $56 | £35 /m $8 | £5 /m

Yes, there’s quite a big difference in price. However, the comparison above doesn’t tell the whole story.

Biggest Difference Between Hosting Packages is:

Graphicline Fully Managed Hosting provides full support for WordPress; core updates (tested before going live), plugin and theme updates (tested before going live), security setup and monitoring, performance optimisation, spam prevention (owner decides level) including Project Honeypot & httbl: blocking, Stop Forum Spam database-based blocking, SEO check and fixes on start-up/transfer, broken link (404) management. Not to mention the fast, secure server…

What you get with Graphicline WordPress hosting is a website you don’t need to worry about, we look after the back-end – you just build your content. We’ll even do content optimisation for SEO if you want.

HostGator provides your hosting; like most hosting providers, that’s all you get.

Performance Differences

It’s very surprising the difference in page speed performance. HostGator is one of the more recommended hosting services for WordPress.

The performance of the site wasn’t bad on HostGator – under 2.5 seconds is OK at the moment (for Google anyway). But isn’t a page speed under 750ms a lot better?

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