Do You Use the Reader

How Often Do You Use the Reader

do you use reader featured imageI must admit, I hardly ever use the Reader. I used to go through the old Readomatic listings almost daily, sometimes more than once. I found lot’s of posts I enjoyed reading, and visited a lot of blogs. Since the demise of Readomatic, I hardly ever get to read other blogs.

Which is a great pity. The reader is actually very nice. With “Freshly Pressed” You can choose a grid of thumbnails, or a list of post teasers. It’s easy to select topics for articles posted with those tags.

So Why Don’t I Use the Reader More Often?

I just don’t have the time to wade through the reader’s feed. It takes too long to refresh topics and too long to load teasers. Often) the very big images included above the break or as featured images slow things down even more.

And Freshly Pressed is often out of date. While writing this post I went over to Freshly Pressed, in grid mode. The latest post was 10 hours ago!

image showing reader-freshly pressed posts out of date

I find it hard to believe there were no posts from topics followed in the last 10 hours…

Slow Load

Slow loading is of course not’s fault. A lot has to do with internet connection speed, which is sometimes terribly slow to my place – even though I have a 3G service. But still – no-one wants to wait 10 to 30 seconds for the next batch of thumbs to load. And the grid view only shows a thumbnail image and post title – no snippet.

Teaser view is even worse. I’m sorry fellow bloggers, I just don’t have time in the day to wait for teasers to load. It’s faster to Google, and get a content snippet so we have an idea of the content we will find.

What About You?

How often do you find yourself clicking over the Reader?

Are you a regular user, or have you become, like me, one of those who maybe take a look every now and again.

Leave a comment or vote on the poll.

What about traffic from Do you get as many bloggers visiting your site to read the latest article. Or do you think most bloggers now just read the excerpts?

I remember getting a lot more traffic from Readomatic than I get from Reader.

It’s sad if my theory is correct, and fewer bloggers now don’t bother to visit other blogs to read the latest post. It’s even sadder if fewer bloggers have time to read even the teasers.


Here’s the thing – I like choices. And I’d like to have a choice to get a simpler text-based feed à la the old readomatic, as one of the view options for all the various things we can do with the reader.

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