GNAX Hosting Review

How Good is GNAX Hosting

Let me start by saying my own sites are hosted on the GNAX (General Net Access) network. We’ve been using the GNAX backbone since October 2012. If I wasn’t completely satisfied with the service, I would have moved my sites long ago.

GNAX hosting also provides the international backbone for our fully managed hosting service.

GNAX is VPS or Higher

gnax hosting review thumbnail imageGNAX is not your regular hosting service provider. They don’t offer the shared hosting packages most of us use for our WordPress sites.

The lowest level hosting you can get with GNAX is your own VPS. If you are looking for el-cheapo shared hosting, GNAX hosting is not the place to look.

If you are wanting shared hosting, you need to look for a second or 3rd tier service provider. You cannot sign up for a shared hosting account directly with GNAX.

Performance of the GNAX Servers

Site performance is now a ranking factor for Google SERP. The GNAX servers are well up to providing top performance to take advantage of Google’s page speed factor.

We have a WordPress site with average page loads to Googlebot of ±250ms, with a best speed of 89ms. When you consider the site is hosted on a GNAX VPS with 280 other websites, the numbers are impressive.

This blog returns 613ms average and 451ms best – and it’s hosted on the Über servers. It’s a fair comparison – both sites use the Mystique theme so theme code is not a factor.

WordPress Admin Performance:

Admin pages is an area where many WordPress users get frustrated with awfully slow page loads. Sites using W3 Total Cache especially find the admin pages and edit pages take forever to load and refresh.

We have customer sites hosted with some of the hosts recommended for WordPress.  Without exception, sites in our portfolio hosted on the GNAX backbone outperform all those hosted on the recommended providers, for general front-end performance as well as back-end admin.

GNAX Prices

GNAX Hosting packages cost a bit more than average, but are not the most expensive. We think the price structure offers excellent value for money.

Summary of GNAX Hosting Review

This hosting service may not be for everyone. You may not want the hassle and expense of setting up and maintaining your own VPS.

You may not want to search for a GOOD 2nd or 3rd tier service provider using the GNAX backbone for shared hosting – one that doesn’t overload their systems with too many sites.

But if you do want great website performance for WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, hosting on the GNAX network is a very good choice.

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