Nofollowing Tag Cloud Links

A Plugin to Nofollow WordPress Tag Cloud Widget Links

nofollow tag cloud links featured imageSomething about Tag Cloud widgets has always bugged me. They are great for visitors; a very useful navigation feature and convenient to use. But all those links sharing page value…

And a lot of that value goes nowhere – my tag pages are noindexed for search engines to avoid content duplication issues. So why not nofollow the links from tag clouds and get a bit more page juice.

Good Reason to Nofollow All Widget Links

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, posted a video on links clearly telling widget makers and those who embed widgets on their own sites that those links should be nofollowed saying: “I would recommend putting a nofollow, especially on widgets.” Read More

Built a Plugin to Nofollow Tag Cloud Links

We’ve been using custom functions for some time to no-follow tag cloud links. the method works, but it’s not convenient for client’s (or us). Every time there’s a theme update all the custom code must be redone.

Taking the bull by the horns this weekend, I decided to build a simple plugin to do the job. The first version of this plugin was available from my website, Graphicline on WordPress. You can get the public release of the tag cloud nofollow plugin from the WordPress repository.

It’s very simple. all the plugin does is add a filter to the existing WordPress wp_tag_cloud function, adding rel=”nofollow” to tag cloud widgets that use this function.

Won’t Work with some Tag Cloud Plugins and Themes.

The plugin relies on this function, so it won’t work with themes that override the WordPress wp_tag_cloud function with their own functions. It also can’t work with a few plugins that do the same, e.g; Configurable Tag Cloud and Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget

It does work with these tag cloud plugins; F2 Tag Cloud Widget, Better Tag Cloud (which has it’s own nofollow option anyway).

More Plugins:

There’s a couple of WordPress plugins to do the job. Some nofollow all internal links, some are a bit more selective. However, I’m happy to have “read more” links and so on followed.

Read more links mainly come from taxonomy pages, and I don’t care about these pages ranking in search results, even if they are index-able.

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