Built Our Own Link Farms

We Built Our Own Link Farms – Really Bad SEO

A “webmaster” desperate for backlinks decided to build her own link farms for backlinks… No, I’m not talking about 3 or 5 years ago, this was recent, this year in fact. Worse yet, not only one link farm, an entire network of link farms.

“Old McSpammer had a farm, e-i-e-i-oh,
And on that farm he built some links, e-i-e-i-oh

With a backlink here, and a backlink there,
Here a link, there a link,
Everywhere a link, link…”  Video about link farming

Hasn’t the Webmaster Heard About Google Farmer, Panda, Penguin

Maybe because this is a South African webmaster, the news about Google Farmer, Panda and Penguin never reached this far…

Surely, everyone in the web industry knows link farms are useless these days as a source of backlinksBacklinks from link farms can even harm the site.

Links from poor quality sites will be penalised, as will links that are contained in low-quality web content.

Links that look as if they are from link networks or link farms will result in penalisation of the site. Link networks, link farms and directories are best ignored if SEO penalties are to be avoided. Read more

At the best link farm links carry zero page juice.

Think about it. Page value is divided between all outgoing and internal links. A page with 100 outgoing links is not going to send much value to any of the links.

And what about the starting value of the page – link farm pages have no value, zero! – so zero divided by 100 equals what?

Then We Hired an SEO Company

Oh you poor fool, hiring an “SEO company” to fix a problem with your website(s). No amount of SEO is going to get your pages into the top 50 of Google SERP. Why you ask?

image of a link farm

Click for Full Size Image of Link Farm Website
We had to reduce the height to fit – Take a look at the full image to see what we mean

Because there’s no worthwhile content! Simple – All your website pages have is repeated lists of place names and a few words – and every page is nearly identical.

Page 1:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet in some town one.
Sed diam nonummy nibh euismod in some town one.
Morbi ut mi. Nullam enim  in some town one.

Page 2:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet in town somewhere two.
Sed diam nonummy nibh euismod in town somewhere two.
Morbi ut mi. Nullam enim  in town somewhere two.

Page 3: ditto

And so it goes on – hundreds of these sort of pages, repeating, repeating, repeating

Then: There’s at least 8 similar sites (the link farms) – all hosted on the same server, same IP, mostly the same pages with very similar words – same pages of junk.

So you hired an SEO charlatan to get you SERP, instead of working on high quality unique content, more unique content, and more content.

Google is not going to put one of those pages in the top 50 when someone searches for “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer in some town one” just because you have 8 link farm backlinks pointing to the page. Not even if you had 10 links from high-ranking pages. Not unless there’s something unique and worthwhile in the content.

Now if the page about “Morbi ut mi. Nullam enim  in some town one” actually had details, reviews, content about “Morbi ut mi. Nullam enim  in some town one” you’d be on the right track to getting improved SERP.

The Best Joke of All – Backlinks For Sale

Watch out South African website owners, this is a classic SEO Shark

The site owner sends out e-mails selling backlinks; the usual SEO mail spam:

Your website has a very low ranking on the Google network

Why?  You do not have enough back-links that point to your website

Go to www dot ahrefs dot com, type in your website name and click on “test it for free” to see how many back-links point to your website

Compare our statistics with yours

Referring Pages  2,966  (from 8 link farm domains)

Total Backlinks  36,645

By listing on our 8 websites you will tap into our 36645 back links, this will give your establishment maximum exposure on the internet

Followed by another e-mail

We offer two options to get you listed on the 8 websites below (with a list of link farm sites:)

  1. Pay R100.00 ($10 USD) per month to be listed on all 8 websites per debit order
  2. Pay R700.00 ($70 USD) per year once off to be listed on all 8 websites.

So lets compare the website with” a very low ranking on the Google network” to the site supposedly benefiting from 30 000 plus backlinks.

The site with ” a very low ranking on the Google network” has plenty of pages placed on page 1 of Google SERP – as high as first place. The site with all those backlinks doesn’t have a single page in the first 5 pages of Google SERP for search terms copied verbatim from a page, or a meta description.

Then how did this person find what backlinks the site with “a very low ranking on the Google network” had – using the Ahrefs test tool. I don’t think so.

Ahrefs is totally banned from accessing the site with a so-called “very low ranking Google”.

Their spy bots, IPs and domains have been totally excluded from the site for years. The site gets 250 to 400 unique visits a day – 99% from Google search (Bing and MSN bots are banned). According to Google Webmaster tools, the site has over 1200 backlinks from more than 400 domains. And there’s another couple of hundred visits daily to 2 sub-domain sites – all considered one domain by Google these days

Yes dear, that’s “a very low Google ranking” hmm… I think I’ll stick to letting people link to my content themselves, thank you!

Link Farms With Problems

For a bit of fun we took a quick technical look at one of the link farm sites mentioned in the e-mail

Yesterday none of 8 sites mentioned were online! Today we managed to connect to one. The site took more than 3 seconds to begin sending the first byte. the HTML document eventually arrived in our browser after 13 seconds. The full-page took over 30 seconds to load, with 6 assets not served due to 404 errors – missing files…

A Final Word on Buying Backlinks

Don’t do it. Don’t ever buy backlinks. Never

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