Fastest WordPress Caching System

Unique Very Fast Cache for WordPress

The fastest caching system for WordPress; imagine WordPress pages serving in under 100 ms – on low-end shared hosting! This is the fastest cache system for WordPress I’ve found.

WordPress is a great CMS, but it has one drawback – It’s slow. A side by side speed comparison between Drupal and WordPress on the same server showed Drupal was about twice as fast as WordPress.

Really Static (WordPress plugin) creates static HTML files from WordPress pages and posts. You don’t even need WordPress installed on a live server. The system is very fast because you can take WordPress completely out of the loop, and serve static HTML files directly.

Looking for Caching Options

really fast wordpress cache plugin iconTired of ongoing problems with W3TC and SuperCache on one of our sites. The other system we liked a lot QuickCache unfortunately won’t work on any of our WP3.5 sites.  we (Graphicline web developers) tested nearly every cache plugin available from Really Static came out on top for pure speed.

We actually found several plugins that overcame the issues with our normal W3 Total Cache system, but more about these another time.

No WordPress Installation on Live Site?

How can this work, a WordPress site without an active installation of WordPress? No MySQL database needed? You’d think it’s not possible. And you’d be right. This is an extreme example of the plugin in action.

Really Static can also work as a caching system for a live WordPress site. We didn’t test it live after finding we couldn’t cache a custom content type. This is something to try on another site one day.

One of the ways of using this extremely fast ‘cache’ for WordPress is hosting the CMS on a local server e.g. XAMPP or LAMPP. You create your site using WordPress, without needing an HTML application like Dreamweaver. Cache the site using the plugin, and if you want, Really static will FTP the files when the cache is created. Or upload the files…

This gives me ideas for possibly using the system in future for entry-level sites for clients not wanting the normal WordPress active features, especially those on very simple hosting plans without MySQL databases.

Not for Every Site

Really Static is not for every site… I didn’t use it on the problem site because it wouldn’t cache custom content types – 90% of the content on the that site uses a custom content type, so it wasn’t suitable.

If you are interested in using this fast cache system, take a look through posts on the plugin support forum. There are several useful tips posted here, by the developer and other users.

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