iTunes 11 for 64 bit Windows

iTunes 11 for Windows – New Look Media Player

iTunes 11 looks different. That’s the first thing that grabs one’s attention. Apple have designed iTunes 11 to strongly resemble the Mac App Store…  It looks totally different; a brand new icon, different user interface, edgeless design, and most noticeable the familiar sidebar – or I should say, no sidebar! You can get the sidebar back; click the View menu and select “Show Sidebar”. The good news for sidebar fans is the icons are once again in colour – something lost with iTunes 10

image of iTunes 11 new look

New Way to View Albums

When you click on an album, you get an expanded view styled to match the album cover. iTunes 11 selects a background colour using a sample from the album artwork and adjusts font colours to make the text readable to look readable over the background color.

This new feature comes with a small cost; missing is the “Coverflow” album artwork slider  – which previously could be displayed with the song list. Not the end of the world, but Coverflow was a nice feature.

image of iTunes 11 album panel

The artists list view is also different

image of iTunes 11 artists panel

Up Next:

image of iTunes 11 up next panel

A nice new feature in iTunes 11 an “Up Next playlist shows which tracks are next in the play order. View the Up Next playlist by clicking the 3 bar icon in the activity window. Manage the list from this drop down; remove or re-order tracks; just drag and drop to re-order.

You can add tracks to the list; right-click on a track in the normal window and select “add to up next” from another drop-down dialogue box

The Default Store Connection Problem

One thing Apple may have got right – It is possible to stop iTunes trying to connect to the iTunes Store every time it starts up. But there’s a caveat. When first installing iTunes, the option to allow iTunes to look for updates must be turned off! If you automatically upgrade from version 10 – or any other version, then the option is not available.
See iTunes Connects to Store on Startup for more info

My Opinion of iTunes 11

I can live with it… I’m not enthusiastic about the new look iTunes, but the most annoying thing with iTunes 10 – that pop-up box informing users iTunes cannot connect to the iTunes Store when starting up (without an active internet connection) is gone, and that was my biggest issue with version 10. So I won’t be desperately searching for an older version to install on my current 64 bit workstation. Maybe the next time I set up Win 7 64 I’ll go back to version 9. For now I’ll simple sync my iPod with my XP box so there’s no need to update the iPod software. I think there are too many drop-down menus – the one that I found most irritating is the way to navigate to the current track – instead of a button in the activity screen – you need to click the > icon next to the track name, then select what you want to do.

What Users Think

Judging by the comments at, some users are not impressed with the new app from apple. Many remarks are negative (Read the article here). However some users like the new version. One thing about Apple fans – many simply like anything Apple produces, so these comments are subjective. At the end of the day it’s up to each person to decide on the merits of this revamped version of Tunes.

Tell apple what you think about iTunes 11 at iTunes Feedback

Want the older version?

If you really hate iTunes 11 – you can get an older version from – The links below are for version 9, in my opinion the best of all iTunes versions before Apple started going overboard with bloatware. Unfortunately Mac version are no longer available from this source.

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