Weird Spam by E-Mail

Nonsense Spam

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I get some really weird spam e-mail from a webform response. Every possible field filed in with a website URL, or nonsense text. And there are lot’s of fields. Stranger still, the mail form responds to a promotion that ended in October last 2011…

Email: wxgokb@

First Name: zmcpff
Last Name: zmcpff
Company: zmcpff

Bus Tel: 5283678809
Cell: 2194836070

Post Address L2: http: //
Suburb: http: //
City: New York
Code: 9804

Street Address: http: //
Street Address L2: http: //
Suburb: http: //
City: New York
Code: 9804

Ownership Type:  Self Employed (Sole Trader)
Business Sector:  Clothing/Textile

Employees: 1-3

Description of Business: Gog0rh <a href=”http: //”>geqsrfadufdz</a>http: //]chxxwqcqcloy, http: //, http: //

The Spam links are all rubbish.

stupid spam mail iconThat’s the thing, the links don’t go anywhere. Why would the spammer create a bot to fill in a webform with nonsense links. The reason for spamming is usually to get people to click the links, generating traffic for a website, phishing attempts or spreading malware.

Without genuine links, the spam serves no purpose.

I see a lot of similar spam lately. Blog comment spam with non-existent links – usually with the normal type of spam text.

Dumb Spam Bot

These form submissions are likely badly scripted spambots; looking for any possible text field to complete, then adding a link anywhere possible. But again, what’s the point of posting nonsense links leading nowhere?

PS: Apologies for the spaces in the so-called address links – it’s this annoying new thing where WordPress 3.5 creates links automatically

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